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The 3 Best Strains for PMS Relief

7 reasons wy cnanabis can help combat period pains

Premenstrual syndrome refers to the wide range of symptoms that women can experience in the days before and during their period. Known as PMS, these symptoms can range from very mild to extremely severe depending on the woman.

Considering that most women endure 450 periods in their lifetime, it’s vital to find a treatment for PMS that works. While many women rely on pain medications and other home remedies such as hot baths during this time.

However, many women are now experimenting with cannabis as a home treatment for their PMS symptoms. Below are listed some of the very bet strains of cannabis to use for this purpose.

OG Kush

This is a strain of cannabis that has notorious fame even outside the world of medicine and drugs. The THC potency of OG Kush has repeatedly been found to be more than 20-25% each time it has been tested. This strain appears in the form of either big patty-shaped bud that have a dense, Indica-like structure.

Psychological effects that emerge from OG Kush are more effective, unlike the physical effects that are not much. As with many sativa varieties, Paranoia was noted when the dosage was increased.

If you’re growing them indoors, 9 weeks it eh time for them to bloom; a yield of 45 grams or 1.6 ounces of it is expected for every square foot. Most users tend to take it in the evening or morning, the reason they give is that it’s light and not a lot of buzz at once.

Alien Bubba

Alien Bubba as its name depicts, seems to be an indica with potent sedative effects and a smooth, herbal flavor, that makes users describe it as something out of this world. Alien Bubba is rather the strain that gets you to relax, than the other strains that can assist in work.

Unlike the OG Kush, this strain has been reported to have THC value of 16-21%. This strain appears in the form of large flowers normally in a tapered shape. Alien Bubba is a strain that extensive users have reported to come back and haunt you with a vengeance.

The psychological effects induced in the user tend to typify the feeling of Alien Bubba’s High, allowing the user more to have a cool and calm mindset than a productive, cerebral one. These are not advised when a long day is anticipated ahead.

Pervasive physical relaxation occurs making this strain a type of psychedelic that can give you a great set of tools to rehabilitate yourself and allow your brain to rest and relieve stress.

Blue Dream

Analytics has confirmed Blue Dream strain of cannabis to be the most wanted strain of cannabis across America, and it is not a lie. Blue Dream has easily been tested for THC percentage, and the results have varied from 15% to 25% THC.

Blue Dream buds tend to have a naturally sweet scent with hints of berries and grapes. The smell of the strain can last in the environment for some time, making it difficult for those who are trying to be discrete.

Blue Dream has been found to be very relieving and comforting even though the psychedelic buzz is reported as a big one. Blue Dream strains can bloom in up to 10 weeks if harvested indoors.56 grams of yield per square plant is the yield average, which is higher than most.

For women who are experiencing extremely severe PMS symptoms, cannabis could help. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will, and patients should always speak to their family doctor or physicians before trying cannabis as a substitute for other medications.

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