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Coltyn Turner Treats His Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis Oil

Coltyn Turner Treats His Crohn's Disease With CBD Oil

Today, we bring you the inspiring video of Coltyn Turner and his battle against Crohn’s disease. Coltyn had been suffering from Crohn’s since he was 11 years old. In this video, Coltyn is 15 and has finally gotten the disease on the backfoot. How has this amazing transformation come about you may ask? The answer, through the use of CBD oil.

Moving from the Midwest to Colorado in 2014, to avail of the liberal State laws on the use of Cannabis, Coltyn saw an immediate improvement. Having been confined to a wheelchair before his move, Coltyn is now able to stand in front of a crowd and give a powerful speech on the benefit of CBD oil for Crohn’s sufferers.

It’s not only Crohn’s that can be fought, however, as Ken Gershwin of the Colorado Dept. of Health points out. At the moment research is being done with nine studies looking at cannabis as a treatment for illnesses including IBS, insomnia, and PTSD.

Coltyn himself comes across as an articulate and intelligent 15-year-old, who has had to struggle not only with a crippling disease but also ignorance regarding his medicine. It is amazing to hear his speech and the manner in which he gives it. This video is a great watch for everyone and will really open your eyes.

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