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IBS is short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  It is a condition that can become chronic and long-term. It is a common medical condition which affects the digestive system,gut and bowel. The digestive system is a bodily system that is designed to turn your food into nutrients, that goes through the digestion process. Essentially means that the system’s main function is to absorb.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects 25 to 45 million people in the United States alone. Women are also more prone to suffering from IBS than men are. While 35% to 45% of men report having IBS and a staggering 60% to 65% of women report suffering from IBS. Although IBS is very common, people often don’t recognise the symptoms of IBS.

The symptoms of IBS usually worsen not long after eating. Eating can also cause flare ups, these can last anywhere from two days to 4 days. Once the flare up is gone, the symptoms can totally disappear, or decrease significantly. IBS is known to cause discomfort and usually causes a change in bowel habits. Many people with IBS usually experience abdominal pain, swelling and bloating.

Treating IBS is commonly done through medications. These medication can only reduce the symptoms of IBS because currently there is no cure for the condition. To get a better understanding of IBS and treatments, we at cannabisMD have a growing library of articles in relation to IBS, causes, factors, treatments and more.

With these articles, our goal at cannabisMD is to give you accurate information on IBS and possible alternative treatments such as the cannabis plant. Studies show that cannabis can treat IBS due to it’s natural and strong anti-inflammatory effects. In these articles, we discuss, in detail, the effects, benefits and side effects on using medical cannabis.