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What are the Symptoms of AIDS – Will Medical Marijuana Help

What are the Symptoms of aids

HIV or (Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are different but can fall under the same category. HIV is a virus, and AIDS is a syndrome caused by HIV. AIDS is exactly what it stands for, an acquired immune deficiency syndrome. You can’t have AIDS without having HIV, but you can have HIV without AIDS. Although when HIV worsens, AIDS can be developed. Although they are different, AIDS contain a group of symptoms that can eventually result from an HIV infection and when the bodies immune system is damaged and unable to fight off bad cells and cancers common germs, viruses, fungi and so on. it can result in the diagnosis of AIDS.

AIDS is the beginning of an HIV infection if the HIV infection is not diagnosed and treated, which is easily done due to the minimal visibility of symptoms, the immune system weakens over time, resulting in the development of AIDS. Also, without the correct treatment, or any treatment at all, there is an increased risk of developing common infections like tuberculosis. The infection spreads from person to person, through bodily fluids, like breast milk, blood, and sexual fluids. It can also be spread through dirty needles, so if you plan to get a tattoo, or piercing, make sure the shop has a good reputation and have high hygiene regulations!

What are the Symptoms of AIDS?

Like I said earlier in the article, you have to have HIV to develop AIDS, so before I go into the symptoms of AIDS, I’ll discuss the symptoms of HIV.

The Symptoms of HIV Consist of
Swollen lymph nodeFever
ChillsMouth Uclers
Rashes and hivesObessive sweating (night sweats)
Sore ThroatFatigue or unexplained tiredness
Dental amalgam replacementGlucosamine sulfate

Will Marijuana Help Treat the Symptoms of AIDS?

Cannabis has been used for medical use for over 10’000 years, dating back to Ancient China. It’s only in recent years that cannabis has been noticed by scientist and professional people in the medical industry. Although there is a stigma involved around the cannabis plant, it has proven to has medicinal benefits making there an increased in the number of studies being conducted in relation to cannabis. A medical specialist has started studying how cannabis can treat certain ailments. The symptoms of AIDS such as nausea may be helped with the treatment of cannabis.

A study conducted by Wooldridge et al in 2005, focussed on the cannabis plant, it’s efficacy and the possible effects of treating symptoms of AIDS/HIV such as nausea and vomiting, and pain. 143 patients participated in the study, all who suffered from HIV.

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