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Shawn – Rick Simpson Hemp Oil – AIDS

Rick Simpson Oil to treat Shawn's AIDS

By: Jack Herer TV

Dr. William Idleman has had HIV AIDS for 20 years. He has had a really bad experience with taking the medication to treat his AIDS which he has been taking for almost 11 years. Recently he discovered the Rick Simpson hemp oil. He started taking the oil three and a half to four months ago and he has noticed a considerable amount of difference such as his energy coming back, he’s able to sleep better now instead of being woken up at night, and staying up all night long due to neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a symptom that he experiences and suffers with in relation to AIDS. It causes pain and sleeps disruption. Now he’s able to actually get a full night’s sleep and wake up in the morning. He is able to get right up and start doing daily activities. Shawn stated that people in his life have told him that he has the energy of a teenager. They see me up and active, his friends haven’t seen him doing that for years.

A lot of times people walk up to him from in a store and asked him what he had been doing because he looks like a totally different person. Shawn explained to them that he was taking CBD oil. He stated that it helps him be able to eat his food, and he is able to take his pills on a regular regiment. His blood tests are coming out better. The Rick Simpson oil and smoking has had a lot of good benefits and Shawn figured if he could cut out the smoking he would more than likely get it all out of his system by eating it and smoking it.

So when he first started out he was taking a really low dose and he started noticing and feeling better. His energy came back and he had kind of increased his dose every time, it took him only about a month to be able to go up to gram amount and he was able to do that pretty easily and now that he’s able to do a gram a day he can still have full function.

He has become kind of acclimate into it and basically just smokes now and again to help with the breakthrough pain and nausea that comes every now and again. So overall Shawn has been able to reduce his smoking. When he smokes, he would risk having an asthma attack, but when he smoked cannabis and took a small hit it would actually open up his bronchial tubes and he would be able to breathe again.

Shawn believes that this has been a miracle for him. He had told his partner that he started shopping for a locker because he had to know her time walking with his neuropathy because he was getting so bad. His signals weren’t getting down to his legs. When he would try to stand up the signals weren’t even down there and he would either not be able to get up or when he gets up he would stagger and stumble, sometimes resulting in a fall.

Now Shawn doesn’t go shopping using a walker, now he is looking for parking, furthest away from the door when he goes shopping. He stated that “The further away you go, it feels like a little filter. Today Shawn is happy.

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