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Can Medical Cannabis Treat AIDS and HIV?

Cannabis Treats AIDS

There are 60 chemical compounds (some say even up to 80) found in cannabis, Medical Cannabis is just one. Over the years, it was THC that got all the attention of users and law enforcement. Science is realizing the vast medical benefits of Medical Cannabis oil to treat untold ailments that plague mankind. Medical Cannabis oil is a non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, making it suitable for all forms of treatment. If you’re like me, with many health concerns, Medical Cannabis is a perfect choice. Studies are showing the benefits when given to patients with anxiety and panic disorders, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, diabetes, inflammation and arthritis, cancer, vomiting and nausea, schizophrenia, and the list goes on.

Although most research or studies are done on rats and mice, the data shows that Medical Cannabis helps with pain and inflammation. Unlike painkillers that are addictive and cause harm to the organs such as the liver and kidneys, which is the case in Ibuprofen usage. Medical Cannabis is shown to reduce anxiety in animal studies, but there are countless stories of people who use and swear by Medical Cannabis, saying that it controls their anxiety and panic attacks. Now I’m not saying the studies are repetitious, no, what I’m saying is Medical Cannabis has a calming effect on people and that’s why I believe for a millennium people have used the oil. In these studies when placebos were used, those treated with Medical Cannabis saw a vast improvement in their disorder. Independent studies are unbiased. These studies, if performed by an outside agency, have nothing to gain.

Some readers and those who are now just learning about Medical Cannabis might think that Marijuana and Medical Cannabis are the same, but they are mistaken. THC is that active ingredient in marijuana, and yes Medical Cannabis can be found in THC. The difference is, they are two different ingredients. When you smoke marijuana, it gives you a high, unlike Medical Cannabis. Medical Cannabis is not mind-altering, it has no psychoactive ingredient in it. What it will do is offer the body a health benefit with no side effects at a fraction of the price of pharmaceutical medications. Even studies now are showing that Medical Cannabis might be able to help people quit smoking or those who are struggling with addictions. Is it a wonder drug? Of course not. Our ancestors knew there was something medicinal about the cannabis plant, they took full advantage of it.

Medical Cannabis extracted and used for medicinal purposes is derived from the cannabis plant known as hemp. Hemp and marijuana come from that very same plant but are in no way alike. It’s the evolution of farming that has brought us to this point. It doesn’t appear that the farmers were looking for a super cannabis plant. What they were doing was growing a plant with a stronger smell or a stronger THC effect. One of the concerns of marijuana, for me anyway, was the tar going into my lungs from a non-filtered joint. I, like others, am not looking for a high, I want the health benefits from Medical Cannabis oil.

Studies and research claim that Medical Cannabis oil is helping those with cancer. Unlike a joint, you don’t smoke Medical Cannabis but ingest it, or use vape or sabs. Medical Cannabis, in research, has stopped cervical cancer cells, (R, R2) and has increased tumor cell death in leukemia and colon cancer. Cannabinoids are looking promising in breast and prostate cancers as well. Medical Cannabis is proving to help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients, and I am a firm believer that it will also help those who are suffering from dementia.

Depression is becoming an epidemic in America. Big pharmaceuticals are making billions from medication prescribed to patients. Medical Cannabis in studies on mice has been shown to act fast and worked just like the prescribed medications by doctors. Other studies have shown that Medical Cannabis is useful in helping those trying to kick their cigarette addictions and for those who have severe acne. It’s not just rumored about helping people kick the habit of cigarettes. In a study, 24 smokers were randomly chosen to either get a Medical Cannabis inhaler or placebo. Over a week’s time, when there was an urge to smoke, they inhaled, took drops or a placebo. Those with placebo inhalers saw no change in the total of cigarettes smoked. Those who were taking Medical Cannabis saw a 40% drop in their usage, and those using the inhaler saw a decrease in cigarette usage without a craving for nicotine. This study has shown that there is a benefit for using Medical Cannabis without any side effects.

One relatively new area of study of diseases treatable by Medical Cannabis is AIDS and HIV. HIV is an acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. According to, HIV is a virus that spreads through bodily fluids and attacks the immune system. It specifically attacks CD4 cells, more commonly called “T cells.” The danger is that it can lead to AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Because HIV weakens the immune system, it leaves the body more vulnerable to infection, and even cancer. HIV is not curable, as the body will always have the virus. It can, however, be well controlled and managed with medication.

Many patients with diseases such as HIV or AIDS already self-treat with marijuana. According to, “Today, nearly one in three HIV/AIDS patients turn to cannabis to ward off the pain, nausea, appetite loss, cachexia (a wasting illness), and emotional decline.” Studies do suggest that cannabinoids can reduce pain and nausea, and improve appetite. Two prescription medications that use synthetic cannabinoids are already in use for the treatment of cancer patients dealing with pain, nausea and appetite loss due to chemotherapy.

The real question is whether Medical Cannabis can treat HIV, not just treat the resulting symptoms of the disease. How could Medical Cannabis possibly treat HIV? Because this is a new area, few research studies specifically address AIDS. A couple of studies in 2005 and 2007 showed that Medical Cannabis increased the appetite of AIDS patients, leading to weight gain.

One study in 2012 published in the journal Genes & Cancer researched the effect of Medical Cannabis on Kaposi sarcoma, a growth common in AIDs patients and other immunocompromised individuals. The study investigated Medical Cannabis for inhibiting infection of endothelial cells (EC). They found that Medical Cannabis had no effect on the infection process, but it did slow down the growth of the virus-infected cells and encouraged apoptosis or cell death in the infected cells. The results of this study have spurred more interest in investigating Medical Cannabis as a treatment for HIV.

Multiple more recent studies have shown that Medical Cannabis can be helpful as a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory, and a neuroprotective agent—all properties that could be helpful in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.

**Years ago I benefited from prescribed medications, but the catch was I also got addicted to Xanax, Ambien and other meds that were for my benefit. It’s an epidemic in America today. Once hooked on painkillers or psychological medication, it’s a hard thing to quit. Panic disorder is life-changing, making a walk to the store almost impossible. I was grateful for the meds at the time, and I am ever more grateful I am no longer taking them. Would I go cold turkey again, kicking the habit that is? I doubt it. Too dangerous and it scared the crap out of me.

Consider this your interlude as you read through. Is it me, or has anyone else asked this question? Why has the U.S government put a patent on Medical Cannabis? Hum, makes one think for a moment, doesn’t it? After all, we are learning much about the health benefits of the cannabis plant, now we see the Feds with a patent. They know the benefits, they see the results, it’s evident in all the research and studies done. Do you think it’s in the best interest of the American public? NOPE. How long before big brother slams shut the door of Medical Cannabis? Just food for thought.

Some folks like THC, some like Medical Cannabis. Now, look at it like this. The old commercials of a girl walking with a chocolate bar and a guy with a jar of peanut butter and they collide. Vula, you have a peanut butter cup. That’s what’s going on in America with cannabis. Some people like the full effect of the two combined, yet laws are strict and THC is a 4 letter word in Washington. Whole plant medicinal usage is available in some states, while other states are debating whether to allow Medical Cannabis to be used as an alternative form of medical usage. There are those who believe that an equal amount of THC and Medical Cannabis makes for the best pain reliever. Some go as far as stating that whole plant usage is better than Medical Cannabis alone. What one does in their own home is their business. I do believe we have this little thing called the Constitution that says under, Article [IV] (Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure)

When lawmakers who know absolutely nothing about Medical Cannabis or THC, push against those in the realm of science, who live and breath this stuff, is where we hit this wall. The problem with America is, ‘we the people’ have given our God-given rights over to lawyers, and don’t get me started on these people. As noted. Lawyers and politicians practice medicine without a license, and there is where the problem lies.

Recently I had health issues, AGAIN. This time they found 9 ulcers and a hiatus hernia, and thanks to Obama care, my health provider is too expensive for me to have an MRI on what appears to be a swollen liver. I am in pain and discomfort, so what can I do? I recently came across an article, and once again I am amazed at the healing results of Medical Cannabis.

Science knows now, that the human body has various cannabinoid receptors, CB(1) and CB(2), which are part of the cannabinoid system in the body. Medical Cannabis influences compounds in the body and enables them to bind to these receptors to heal the body. I’m not a scientist and have no clue how this happens, and this process isn’t entirely understood by science either. But studies show that it works. It appears that cannabinoids can influence several systems in the body to regulate and repair themselves.

There are plenty of studies showing the benefits of Medical Cannabis, marijuana, hemp, etc. Thank goodness that Medical Cannabis is an extract of hemp, and the FDA has it listed as a dietary supplement. With that being said, it can be purchased online and mailed to just about every state in the union. I suffer from chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, swollen liver, panic and anxiety disorder, sleep apnea (insomnia), overweight, fatigue, skin cancer, ulcers–I’m a walking time bomb. Is there hope? I believe there is.

For more information on cannabis and HIV/AIDS, visit HIV/AIDS is Not Just an 80s Epidemic. How Cannabis Can Help Treat HIV Symptoms.

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