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Patient With Looks to Medical Cannabis for Relief

AIDS and Medical Marijuana

By: Medical Marijuana 411

Henry J Sluski Jr has AIDS. For 24 years he has lived with HIV, and for the last 4 it has grown and has become AIDS. Through many years he has looked towards medicinal cannabis in helping him to deal a number of illnesses, with medications that come with many negative side effects.

The medications he takes for AIDS/HIV are very intense and can cause harm to the body. Among many other side effects, Henery has a difficult time maintaining an appetite and keeping food down. He is in constant pain and is also constantly sick. The medications themselves have taken a toll on his body, and they are not the only medications he takes. He also suffers from high blood pressure, herpes, and degenerative disk disease to name a few.

Henry J Sluski Jr and His Journey With Cannabis

Due to the strength and side effects of his medications that he takes every day, Henry J Sluski Jr was desperate to find something that wouldn’t harm him more. After some research, Henry J Sluski Jr came across cannabis. Cannabis has helped with his pain to the stage that he is able to get around more accessible and does not require the assistance of another person.

Ever since he started medical cannabis treatment, he can now reduce the number of medications from 16 to 3, all thanks to the marijuana. He also is living a higher quality of life because of the marijuana and the fact that he can now reduce his medications. The medications reduced his weight from 189 lbs to 115 lbs in less than 3 month. Thanks to the marijuana he can now get his weight back to 145. He has stated that his life quality has seriously improved.

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