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AIDS and Kaposi Sarcoma Helped by Cannabis

Kaposi Sarcoma found AIDS relief through cannabis

Video by: drbob Melamede

This video is a follow-up so that people can understand some of the additional benefits that we are now pursuing regarding the use of cannabis as medicine. It turns out that very sadly, the United States and other areas of the world that have HIV under control as a result of the use of antiretroviral drugs that people are now developing resistance to those drugs

What that means is that opportunistic and associated malignancies with HIV are now returning and one of the leading indicators of that is the return of Kaposi’s sarcoma which appears to be a skin cancer. However, Kaposi’s sarcoma is actually a blood vessel cancer that surfaces on the skin.

The History of AIDS/HIV and The History of Cannabis

If you remember back to the 80s and 90s, when people were coming down with AIDS and Kaposi’s, this was due to not having any effective anti retrovirals at the time. HIV and AIDS are horrendous very painful diseases and there’s really no effective treatment.

the United States both for humanitarian reasons as well as really national security issues al-qaeda is already in Nigeria. There are certainly issues throughout Africa regarding those types of organizations. However, cannabis is looking to be promising for those who are suffering with HIV and/or AIDS.

An Update on Cannabis and What’s Going On

What’s going on in the world? I think that this issue is so important and so dramatic that it’s going to force a change globally. It’s going to change the United States, cannabis policies and certainly the ongoing persistent absurd ridiculous denial of the medical value of cannabis. It’s also going to greatly change the medical world by the looks of things has studieshave shown that cannabis holds a range of medicial and terhaputic properties. It is certainly not sustainable scientifically and humanitarianly and economically.

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