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Cannabis to Help Heart Disease – The No.1 Killer


According to the New Jersey State Health Assessment Data for the year 2016, 25.4% of deaths in the United States were heart disease related. That’s a staggering 18,598 people. This is an extremely high death rate for a disease that can be prevented.

  1. In Second place, below heart disease, was cancer at 22.4% with a total of 16,377 people.
  2. In third place, unintentional injury causing 3,840 deaths (5.2%) and in sixth place was Alzheimer’s disease which killed 3.3% of the American population that year which was 2,435 people. Kidney disease followed at 2.1%.

From these statistics, you can notice a massive jump from unintentional injury to cancer and heart disease. It can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication or even, in some cases, through surgery. For example, a Coronary artery bypass. Heart disease, also known as Cardiovascular disease. It is a condition where the blood vessels in the body become blocked or narrowed. This can lead to heart attacks or even stroke.

The History Leading Up To Heart Disease

Around sixty years ago, it was discovered that heart disease was in fact, the leading cause of death in America but the route of cardiovascular disease was unknown. This was the case until 1948, when the US public health service launched a study on heart disease based in a town outside of Boston, due to its stable population making it perfect for its study.

At the time the study was carried out, it was post-war and inventions like the dishwasher, the washing machine and electric lawn-mowers where popping up everywhere. Eventually, many household items were being upgraded to electrical appliances making household chores not really a chore anymore. At the same time, cars became popular and affordable. Because of this, cars were no longer a novelty so walking was no longer “necessary.”

Then there was the invention of the television, which led to the term “couch potato” due to the fact that people were no longer exercising as much. During the depression, the US went through severe diet changes. Then post-war, after experiencing severe rations in food, the American population overindulged in foods that were high in cholesterol.

During the war, the majority of American soldiers smoked cigarettes because they were given to them for free by the government. Postwar, soldiers would continue smoking likely due to addiction which led their wives and other family members, like mothers and fathers, to start smoking. During this period people began to have drastic changes in lifestyle and, as a result, people gained a lot more weight from their bad diets, lack of exercise, and excessive smoking. Due to all of this, heart disease increased drastically.

Why is Heart Disease The Leading Cause of Death in The US?

Moving forward into the 21st century, there is still an increase in risk factors. These factors are causing health problems for millions of people around the world and these factors are:

  1. High cholesterol
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Diabetes
  4. Smoking

Note: That all of the above health issues make up the 80% of the leading causes of heart disease. All of which can be resolved through an overall improved lifestyle. Heart disease can be prevented but once diagnosed, it cannot be reversed.

Can You Use Medical Cannabis To Treat Heart Disease?

Ever since cannabis has gained popularity in the medical world, scientists have carried out tests on cannabis and treating ailments like heart disease. Through these studies and tests, scientists recognise that people who are suffering from heart disease and who are under stress, as a result, can develop chest pain. Whereas people who have heart disease and use marijuana are unlikely to experience this. This study from 2008 called “The adverse effects of cannabinoids: implications for use of medical marijuana” looks at using cannabis as a medical substance in treating many ailments including cardiovascular disease.

It’s important to realise the severity of heart disease and how common it is especially in the 21st century where there are so many unhealthy, over-processed foods. It’s important to learn from the mid 40’s generation and to try and change our eating and lifestyle habits by using them as a bad example. If you are suffering from heart disease and want to use medical cannabis as a form of treatment then you should consult your doctor or any medical professional that you deem fit. Also, check and follow your laws and regulations regarding cannabis in your country or state.

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