Marijuana (Cannabis) and Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and medical cannabis and medical marijuana

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By: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr.Patel who specializes in medical cannabis, reads a letter from a concern patient named Robert from California. Robert states that he has had blood pressure for several years now. Discoveries were made that he had extremely high blood pressure due to stress and anxiety. He wanted desperately to get off medication,so his then doctor asked him to change his lifestyle lower high intake of salt and alcohol. Making sure he does his daily exercises, Robert walk three times a week for 30 minutes,and does yoga and meditation. After a year he still has no change in his blood pressure. Robert went to the internet for answers and found tones of site claiming that medical cannabis help with blood pressure. Desperate for answers he reached out to DR.Patel.

Dr.Patel informed Robert that high blood pressure also known as (hypertension) is a condition that need to be taken seriously. Dr.Patel informs Robert research have been done on rats that cannabis did have a effect on rats that already had high blood pressure and absolutely no effect on rats with normal blood pressure. In this case studies rats with high blood pressure has more CB1,so their hearts are more receptive to cannabis, and once it interacted with CBD it lower their heart rate. Dr.Patel proceed to let Robert know, that in all of her patients that she prescribes cannabis to have seen no change and does not impact blood pressure in humans “ even if research says otherwise”.

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