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Have You Tried Medical Cannabis for Your Headache?

Have a headache? Maybe try medical cannabis

Are all migraines alike? The textbook definition of a migraine is a severe, painful headache that can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines, and it is estimated that 13% of adults in the U.S suffer from migraines.

While the exact cause of migraine headaches is unknown, people who suffer from migraines can clearly identify certain triggers.

Change of diet – Migraines sufferers claim that when they skip a meal, eat too much or too less of something, it will trigger the start of a migraine.

Marijuana Treatment Migraines Migraine Treatments Cannabis and Conventional Combating a migraine is a difficult task as once it sets in it’s normally a question of locking yourself in a dark room and waiting it out.

Do all Cannabis strains have a positive effect on our brain? Heavens no and it is best to consult with your medical marijuana physician before choosing the cannabis migraine treatment route.

Some marijuana strains will even have the opposite effect, causing your heart to race, initiate allergic reactions and cause symptoms which could have the opposite effect and lead to a migraine.

Here are the 5 Best marijuana Strains for Instant Migraine Relief: Medical Marijuana, Migraine Treatment OG Kush Marijuana Strain This cannabis strain is quite common and can be found in nearly every dispensary.

Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Some migraines are so bad that the only solution is to relax and wait it off.

Wait What if you don’t have access to medical marijuana, are there other migraine solutions? Marinol for Migraines This is not a solution we recommend but something that we had to discuss in this article

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