Strains of Medical Marijuana to Potentially Treat Chronic Headaches

Marijuana Strains for treating chronic headaches

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We all experience the occasional headache every now and again. However, chronic headaches are something much more serious which can have an infinitely more severe impact on our day to day lives.

Chronic headaches aren’t all the same though. In fact, it’s believed that there are over 200 different types of chronic headache disorders. These range from migraines to cluster headaches. Each comes with its own set of symptoms and causes.

Many patients who suffer from a chronic headache disorder are now trying alternative treatments instead of opiods. This is largely down to the fact that the United States finds itself in the grips of an opiod crises, and public health advocacy has been busy educating the population on the many risk associated with opiod use.

One of the most popular alternative treatments today is cannabis. Cannabis has been proven in countless studies to relieve headache pain and reduce some of the risks associated with headache disorders such as insomnia and stress.

However, not all cannabis is the same. Some strains of the plant are better designed for the purpose of treating headaches than others. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best strains for chronic headache treatment below.

White Widow

White Widow is a strain which has been around since the 1990’s. As a result, it’s well known, readily available and very popular. Amongits effects are a soothing sense of relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved sleep.

These effects are universally beneficial, but of particular value to patients who suffer with chronic headaches. Not only can White Widow treat the symptoms of a headache itself, but it can also prevent the onset. Even better, the psychoactive effect of this is a mild strain, ideal for a cannabis novice.

  • Hybrid
  • 18-25% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • Terpenes – Mercepene
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite

Critical Mass

Also known as CBD Critical Mass, this is a strain which combines the values of Afghani and Skunk#1. This is one of the most popular cannabis strains for the treatment of chronic pain and is ideal for both novice and seasoned cannabis users.

Countless people across the United States have been using it to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancers and chronic headaches. It is also believed to be highly effective at relieving stress and anxiety, which can be the main causes of headache pain.

  • Hybrid
  • 19-22% THC
  • 5% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, depression, stress, insomnia and inflammation

Tangerine Dream

This is probably the most popular cannabis strain among chronic pain patients. Few other strains can compete with the pain relief offered by Tangerine Dream. Another advantage of this strain is that it comes in a range of delicious flavors so is perfect for users who aren’t keen on a cannabis-like taste.

However, Tangerine Dream causes strong psychoactive effects. If you are someone who wants to experience a euphoric “high” while you treat your headache, then this is strain for you. If not, it’s best to avoid it.

  • Hybrid
  • 25% THC
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, pain, depression and fatigue

Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is a great cannabis strain for chronic headache patients who’s headaches are primarily caused by stress and anxiety. This strain is a particularly potent mood stabilizer and can reduce these kinds of headaches significantly.

The psychoactive impact of Lemon Kush can be quite strong. This makes it more useful as an evening or nightime treatment. It is also reported to be very beneficial to people who suffer from sleep disorders, and the headaches that a lack of sleep can cause.

  • Hybrid
  • 20-25% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, insomnia, pain and fatigue

Purple Urkel

This cannabis strain has been around since the 80’s and has grown in popularity ever since. Users of Purple Urkle say that it has a distinctly fruity flavor and an aroma to match. The generous psychoactive effect that it creates is known to be a powerful weapon against even the most intense headache pain.

Again, Purple Urkle can also work as a preventative measure for people who experience chronic headaches. The mood enhancing and sleep promoting effects should help to keep your headaches at bay.

  • Indica
  • 18-21% THC
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, insomnia, pain and depression

For patients who are suffering with chronic headaches, there is plenty of choice regarding which cannabis strain to use. However, patients should always make an appointment with their healthcare professional before using cannabis for the first time so as to ensure that it wont interfere with any existing treatment plan or medications.

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