Why Does That Headache Keep Coming Back?

Is your headache constantly returning?

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Whether it’s loud music, work drama, whining children or that strong odor of your Aunt Iris’ perfume, headaches can be hard to avoid. So often in stressful situations, we catch ourselves doing the ever popular “temple rub” in an attempt to ward off an impending headache. Headaches are all too common in the busy, high-paced society in which we live today.

They are so common, in fact, that there are even different kinds of headaches and different causes for them. There are also numerous treatments and remedies for headaches. Cannabis and CBD have confidently been put on this list and could help control those frequent headaches. So if avoiding Aunt Iris and her cloud of perfume isn’t feasible, cannabis might be the headache remedy to consider.

The National Headache Foundation said, that 45 million suffer from chronic, recurring headaches. 28 million of these people also or either suffers from migraines. About 20 percent of children and adolescents have significant headaches, and interestingly enough, about 70% of headache sufferers are women.

Plenty of methods can be used to combat headaches. “Brightness from your computer screen, sunlight or overhead lights can make things painful, as can noise and excessive physical activity — too much activity can result in an exertional headache from the swelling of blood vessels in your head, neck and scalp”.

If affected by such conditions, you should see your doctor find out what’s wrong, even if you’re able to manage the pain with aspirin or ibuprofen. What are migraines exactly? A migraine is a “throbbing painful headache, usually, that is often initiated or “triggered” by specific compounds or situations (environment, stress, hormones, and many others).” They occur more often in women (75%, approximately) and may affect a person’s ability to do common tasks.

The first step is to talk to your doctor about your headaches. She’ll give you a physical exam and ask you about the symptoms you have and how often they happen”. Good luck getting help!

We may not realize how many different kinds of headaches there may be. Each type of headaches. For those who suffer from headache attacks, the attacks generally “last 15 mins to 3 hours and often wakens the patient from sleep.

How does one go about alleviating a headache? Remember to at regular meals, taking care to maintain stable blood sugar. A hot shower can help, although in one rare condition hot water exposure can trigger headaches.

Women commonly experience headaches that are linked to hormonal fluctuations, and thus need different methods to cope with them. Over the years, people have tried many different methods to alleviate headaches, and one of the newest methods is CBD. Cannabidiol has proven soothing properties that can alleviate even the worst tension headaches or migraines.

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