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Can CBD And/Or THC Help Relieve Cluster Headaches When All Else Fails?

Cannabis and CBD to help treat cluster headaches

Cluster headaches aren’t common. In fact, they only effect 0.1% of the population. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t unbearable for those who suffer from them. So, what is the difference between a cluster headache and migraine? The primary difference is the nature of the symptoms and the locations of the pain. Whereas migraines pop up only occasionally and can have symptoms such as photo and auditory sensitivity, or intense pain from light and sound. My dad suffered from those, but they only came once a month or so.

How Can CBD Help Cluster Headaches?

Now, the only question to any sane reader right now would be this. How does CBD come into play? The answer could be our body’s endocannabinoid system. Our brains and bodies are crawling with cannabinoid receptors, although different concentrations exist in certain parts. The hypothalamus region of the brain has a high concentration. For those of you who don’t know the hypothalamus region, it’s like a switchboard that’s in-charge of transmitting timely signals throughout the body. Hormone cascades are a consequence of this; the reason marijuana users get appetite regulation and blood vessel dilation.

The hypothalamus is also running our biological clock, also known as the working of circadian rhythms. It is found that the cluster headaches occur due to a combination of the dilation of blood vessels pushing on nerves and it occurs on a tight schedule, this becomes the theory that a malfunctioning in the hypothalamus region is the origin of the condition. An Italian study has shown that the stimulation of hypothalamus can relieve pain in patients suffering from cluster headaches. Now, do you know what cannabis does exactly? When THC and CBD are ingested, they connect with the cannabinoid receptors. It would be foolish to deny that cannabis helps medical treatment, so the only worry now is that it might not be legal where you are.

Once you can take care of that, you’re good to go. However, THC is only legal recreationally in a handful of states and medically in twenty-one states. Since cluster headaches are often difficult to diagnose that could make a problem for a sufferer looking to get a prescription for medical marijuana. Well lucky for these patients that the hemp industry has arrived. “Wait, I thought marijuana and hemp are the same things? The plants look the same.” True, they do. They’re both strains of the cannabis plant, but they have different genetics. They’re also classified differently from a legal perspective.

Can I Even Get Medical Marijuana For Headaches?

Marijuana, even of the medical variety, is a controlled substance which means that a state is allowed with its sovereign rights to legalize that substance within its borders. But interstate commerce of controlled substances is also known as drug trafficking. So if you can’t get it where you are, you can’t order it. But you can order CBD oil from hemp. Why? Because hemp is an agricultural commodity under a farm bill passed in Kentucky and it’s also legal to grow in Europe and bring into the US so long as the THC standards are maintained. Agricultural hemp has a variety of uses from textiles to foods and also the creation of CBD oil. Agricultural hemp by law must contain less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.

The good news for cluster headache sufferers is that CBD also stimulates the endocannabinoid system. It might not trigger as many receptors as THC and CBD combined, but it’s a vast improvement over having no options whatsoever. There a variety of options when choosing which CBD oil to treat your symptoms with. Whatever treatment option you choose for this awful condition, we here at Cannabis MD wish you the best of luck and health on your journey!

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  1. Andre Austin says:

    The problem is that they dont provide quick relief. I suffer from clusters and if it doesn’t work in 20 mins or less it’s useless. 20 mins with a full on headache is a lifetime. I’ve found a combination of things that provide quick relief and help shorten the cycle ( from 4 month down to 2)

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