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A headache is the symptom of pain that is located in the region of the head or neck area. Headaches cause mild to moderate pain around the head. This pain is only short-term, but headaches can come and go over time. There are many types of headaches, which all show different symptoms. The most common form of headaches include tension-type headaches (TTH), migraine, cluster headaches (CH) and medication-overuse headaches (MOH).

Headaches are one of the leading causes of disability. It is estimated that headaches are reasonable for 2.9% of Years Lost due to Disability (YLDs). For example, in the USA, 51% said that migraines cut into half their work or school productivity.

Migraines are also the third most common disease globally, with 1 in 7 people suffering from the disease.

Most headaches can be treated effectively with medication. Medication used to treat headaches include anti-emetics and anti-migraine medications, however these are commonly used when the headache is more severe. Generally people will go in search for their typical painkiller medication, which for most, will get the job done.

However, as we know, medications can have side effects, so looking for an alternative form of medication to treat headaches, might not be such a bad idea. At cannabisMD, we provide articles above on headaches. The articles will detail about the possible medical benefits cannabis has to offer in treating headaches and everything you need to know in relation to headaches. These articles will discuss everything from the causes, factors, signs and symptoms, to types and treatments.

We focus our efforts to inform you on what marijuana and cannabinoid (CBD oil) has the potential to treat with a wide range of headache subtypes including migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches and more.