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What to Expect When Starting with Hemp Oil Capsules

Expectations when using hemp oil capsules

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Hemp seed oil comes from a plant that is connected to the cannabis plant family known as the hemp plant. The difference is thought that this plant does not contain THC cannabinoids like the cannabis plant. THC is the chemical that produces the psychoactive effects (high) that most people are aware of in relation to cannabis. Hemp seed oil contains essential amino acids and fatty acids which are important for a healthy life.

Many people mistake or get confused over CBD oil (cannabidiol) and hemp oil are the same. Although they do both comes from the same plant family, they have differences. Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is extracted using a method known as cold pressing which removes the outer shells. It’s then chilled and the hemp seed oil is squeezed from the remaining seed.

What Hemp Seed Oil Can Improve

Hemp seed oil has grown in popularity due to the rising cannabis industry. Many are using hemp seed oil as a daily supplement. This is because hemp oil provides some health benefits and it is believed to have a rich nutritional profile. Hemp seed oil contains

  • Fibre – with enough fibre, it can promote a healthy gut, help manage your weight, reduce appeitite, and regulate blood sugar
  • Proteins – one amino acid known as arginine promotes heart health
  • Minerals and Vitamins – hemp seed oil contains vitamin E, B-6, magnesium, and are a good source of zinc and iron
  • Unsaturated fats – hemp seed oil contains an omega-3 which is vital from good health

The omega-3’s and the fatty acids within hemp seed oil can ultimately help improve heart health and reduce the risks of heart disease and arrhythmias. The ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 is a healthful one.

Like mentioned before, arginine, one of the many proteins in hemp seed oil eventually turns to nitric oxide which promotes smooth, blood vessel walls. Studies are also indicating that hemp oil is able to help treat and reduce inflammation and reduce symptoms associated with chronic diseases including Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Type 2-diabetes.

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