Cannabis Strains For Helping Painful Muscle Spasms

Cannabis Strains for Muscle Spasms

OG Kush – Strain

OG Kush is a very renowned strain and is well recognized not only in the cannabis world but outside too. Something that remains unquestioned is OG Kush’s ineffectiveness; the THC composition constantly remains between 20% and 25%. OG Kush has standard to large size buds that are believed to have an indica-like, thick structure. The fact that OG Kush makes one high is relatively more focused on the head than physical.

Similar to various types of sativa, higher doses of OG Kush can make users very much paranoid. When plants of OG Kush flower are left to grow indoors, in less than 9 weeks an average yield of nearly 45 grams or 1.6 ounces per square foot is expected. Keeping in mind the inspirational and slightly energizing effects of OG Kush, it is believed to be a strain that can be best utilized in the early evening or the daytime.

Alien Bubba -Strain

Another worldly indica is Alien Bubba with effective soothing effects and a pleasant flavor of the herbs. Thus, people that prefer heavy indicas must try Alien Bubba. The content of the THC remains between 15% and 21%. Alien Bubba has comparatively huge flowers that mostly have a very pointed shape, similar to small cypress trees. Alien Bubba is believed to gradually high smokers.

The psychedelic nature of these sensations seems to characterize the sensation of Alien Bubba’s High, that provides the smoker with a very pleasurably cloudy state of mind than an intellectual, creative one. Alien Bubba is not something that one can pull off before starting long, busy working day or a hectic task. The effects of Alien Bubba are essentially differentiated by an invasive bodily relaxation; as far as the consumer remains high, they tend to remain in the felling of extended liveliness and are reluctant even to move.

Amnesia Haze – Strain

Amnesia Haze is believed to be in reality contrary to its name. The dominance of sativa is high that regardless of its effectiveness, would not result in brutally weakened memory. Made of chief strain Haze and other universal land races that include Hawaiian, Afghani, and Thai, Amnesia Haze is likely to result in motivation instead of poor memory. The content of THC in Amnesia Haze varies between 20% to 25%.

The ability of Amnesia Haze to bring about a frenetic working of the mind might trigger newcomers of cannabis to change the starting strain dosage.
Since Amnesia Haze grows outdoors, it demands a relatively warm climate with constant temperature ranging from 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Private growers could obtain Amnesia Haze plants from clippings that develop into clones or from seed. Even though Amnesia Haze is relatively rare, it is a well-known strain in parts where cannabis is publicly obtained.

Blue Dream – Strain

Consulting firm BDS Analytics has identified Blue Dream as the most famous strain of 2015, which is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Blue Dream samples having a THC content of ranging from 15% and 25%, are tested. It has small to standard size buds that after treatment tend to have a popcorn-like shape. The ample trichomes of Blue Dreams mostly have a clear color, which implies that even though it seems sticky, leaves might not always be glittery silver just like other strains. These flowers are also difficult to break up without using a grinder.

Blue Dream buds have a miasmic-sweet smell with the dominant smell of grape and berry. The smell from Blue Dream can stay for some time. Thus, smokers not open about it must remain careful. The head-focused effects of Blue Dreams are accompanied with a calm feeling of physical relaxation that is passed on to the entire body. When cultivated inside, within 10 weeks, Blue Dreams flowers provide a yield higher than the average 56 grams of flower per square foot of plant.

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