The Effects of CBD Spray as a Daily Supplement

The effects of using CBD spray as a daily supplement

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CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the two major chemical properties found in Cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not contain any psychoactive elements. This means that CBD does not get you high. For this reason, CBD his being used more to treat a wide range of both serious and minor disorders. Both factual and anecdotal cases showing this can be found throughout the internet. Due to this increased use, the benefits and limitations of CBD are becoming more widely known and further clinical trials are being carried out to make it a more legitimate medical alternative.

Due to the high percentage of the chemical in hemp, CBD oil has been mostly extracted from this plant rather than cannabis plant. This is due to the inclusion of THC a prohibited substance within the cannabis plant. In other words the hemp plant is used more widely because it provides more CBD and it is legal to do so. The US food and drug administration still classify pure CBD as the same as cannabis but have recently approved Epidiolex for use and a similar drug Sativex is currently being reviewed.

The Medical Effects of CBD on Certain Medical Conditions

As mentioned above the FDA have currently approved a CBD based drug known as Epidiolex which can be used as potential treatment for epilepsy. It is hopeful that the second drug, Sativex which contains both CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), will have the potential to treat pain caused by different types of from serious conditions such as cancer and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Both drugs are still unavailable in all states in America without legal medical marijuana but are now available all across Europe.

Epilepsy and MS are not the only things that CBD can help with. There has a number of studies done recently on its benefits with people suffering from stress and anxiety. Especially for those who suffer from social anxiety disorders, CBD has been used as a treatment with encouraging results.

This is due to how CBD interacts with our internal systems. It augments the bodies mental balance and homeostasis. Therefore for people with social anxiety disorder, CBD helps keep them calm and relaxed when put in stressful situations.

CBD can also help with a lot of other bodily functions. Having trouble sleeping? CBD can help. In fact, CBD has been shown to regulate human sleep cycles better than a lot of prescription medicines. This leads to not only a more rested body and mind but helps fight symptoms of such things as depression as well.

Unlike what many aficionados may say hemp derived CBD is not able to prevent any disease. It is able to help treat a number of them. As already mentioned MS and epilepsy are now being treated with CBD but new studies are being done on the likes of cancer and brain tumors as well. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may be extremely beneficial to cancer patients as it helps regulate the immune system. Pain management is another benefit and reducing nausea as well.

A Spray of CBD a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

There are many CBD products on the market today and oral sprays may be one of the best. A full spectrum CBD spray not only gives you the benefits of CBD but it is very convenient as well. A lot of people do not like the idea of using CBD in a vape. The spray is simple and small which means you can easily and discreetly use it in public. Of course with full spectrum CBD you only need a few sprays a day maybe in the morning and at night before bed.

Make sure of course to get the highest quality spray available as the purity of the CBD does make a difference. CBD can help to treat, cure or prevent a range of problems but we must always remember the best thing for a healthy body is a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully, if we eat well and exercise regularly we will never have any of the problems mentioned above. Sadly life does not always go the way we want and that is why a few sprays of CBD a day can be so beneficial. If you are thinking of trying CBD as a daily supplement please discuss it with your doctor first and continue your research.

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Niamh Tumilty
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