Medical Cannabis for Dystonia Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Cannabis treatments for dystonia muscle spasms

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Put simply, an unexpected, involuntary contraction of the muscle is described as a muscle spasm. Hence, someone who experienced unexpected tight cramping of the thigh muscle, i.e. a “Charlie horse” is believed to have experienced a muscle spasm. All through life, the majority of the people are likely to suffer from a cramp or a transitory muscle spasm while others would suffer from them only occasionally.

Traditionlal Treatments for Cramps and Muscle Spasms

Although the traditional treatment brings about minimal benefit with a chance of severe side-effects, medical cannabis or medical marijuana is believed to be an effective and safe treatment for muscle spasms related to such devastating conditions. Traditional treatments for muscle spasms mostly have barbiturates or relaxants, both of which have higher chances of abuse and numerous severe side-effects.

The most commonly experienced side effects are dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbance, weakness of the muscle, nausea, and issues related to memory. Severe side effects include interrupted heartbeat and slow breathing, hallucinations, sudden muscle weakness, and seizures.

High profile personalities including talk show host Montel Williams has looked upon medical marijuana as very useful for muscle spasms and cramps. While the way the desired result is achieved is not very well understood because of historical setbacks on cannabis research, it is accepted that marijuana is helpful for treating muscle spasms and pain that comes with it, without causing any severe side effects related to the usual drugs.

Since the legalization of cannabis in certain areas, more and more people are turning to cannabis as a form of treatment. However, it’s still clear that cannabis use and its side effects are still relatively unknown, so it’s important to seek medical advice and continue using the standard medication if your doctor advises it. It’s also important to source cannabis for a reputable place.

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