Healing My Stroke with Cannabis

Cannabis - does it heal strokes

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After suffering from a stroke one woman was administered cannabis medications. This is standard practice, she was not involved in the decision at all. She continued to take the medication for around three months, all ten of them. These medications come with an abundant amount of adverse side effects. In addition to the medication and blood draws, she was given an injection twice daily. The doctor who decided her regiment wasn’t even in the room when he made the decision, their conversation was via a Skype call.

Once she saw a neurologist three months later, she was told to take herself off many of the medications. She describes the whole process as convoluted because she was receiving opposing information from the neurologist and the hospital. She chose to wean herself off the medications at a safe pace.

Being Recommended CBD (Cannabidiol)To help Heal Stroke

At the recommendation of her neurologist, she began to use Cannabidiol (CBD) oils. CBD oils are the nonpsychoactive ingredients of the marijuana plant and contain no THC, they do not give the user a high. Nine months later, with the help of physical therapy and CBD oils, she has regained significant motor function and the ability to talk. The CBD oils have helped her tremendously with pain stemming from the stroke.

The CBD oils also increase the feeling she has in her hand, which is numb much of the time. Even though the feeling does eventually leave again, it shows her that the treatment is working. She found a spray form of CBD to be the most convenient, similar to any mouth spray. She uses it on a daily basis to help ease and cope with the side effects of a stroke. It’s important to note that if you want to use CBD oil to treat a medical condition that it’s vital to consult your doctor before doing so.

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