Dr. David Allen Talks About Strokes and Cannabis

Dr. David allen speaks about cannabis treatment for strokes

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Medical Marijuana can reduce the severity of strokes by as much as 50%. To give a perspective of how significant that is, the next most effective medication see reductions of 2%. Because of the legal status of marijuana it is currently illegal to conduct research using the plant. Research into this effect is not happening as a result. Of the information that is available, studies have shown that cannabinoids cause neurogenesis. Cannabinoids (CBD) are the non psychoactive ingredients of the marijuana plant, and they do not provide a high. Neurogenesis is the process in which neurons are created from stem cells. This is how your body makes new brain cells.

Dr David Allen believes in the medical benefits of CBD. When asked about using CBD after a stroke Dr Allen he suggests giving the patient large amounts of CBD oils. He believes in the future that CBDs will be used in a similar fashion to how nitroglycerin packs are used now. The packs would be given to someone immediately following a stroke on the way to the hospital. CBD oils can also be used as a prevention measure against strokes. Strokes are caused by obstruction of blood vessels to the brain and hemorrhages in the brain. Lowering cholesterol levels, knowing family history, and regular checkups past the age of 40 are also recommended. Dr Allen recommends that immediately following a stroke to get CBD into your system as quick as possible.

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