Doctors and Diabetes Testimonial

The testimonial on CBD for diabetes from a doctor

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The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has been and hot topic and often talked about in recent months as a possibility for the curing of diabetes. In this video doctors, diabetes specialists and diabetic sufferers discuss the use of Cannabidiol (CBD oil) for the treatment of diabetes. Also, it should be pointed out at the end of the video a doctor talks about the use of THC in curing brain cancer.

For a long time diabetes has been talked of as a condition that has to be managed rather than cured. For those who suffer from diabetes, it has always seemed like something that they were just stuck with and had to struggle through on a daily basis.

Well according to Peter, a 52-year-old former type 2 diabetes and obesity sufferer, that may no longer be the case. In August 2011 Peter’s blood sugar was three times the recommended level. He was one eight pills a day and was being passed around from specialist to specialist. As Peter says himself obviously the medicine was not working. This was when he found out about the endocannabinoid system and starting taking CBD oil. In the space of a year, Peter had beaten his obesity and his diabetes was entirely in check.

Will this work for everyone? That is the question we need answers for as soon as possible. That is why it is of vital importance that scientists are allowed to do more clinical research into the endocannabinoid system and its benefits to the human body.

Studies are also suggesting the cannabis, and specific cannabinoids within the plant, such as CBD and THC are able to help and alter appetite. For example, studies have shown that THC (another chemical compound) was able to help people with AIDS/HIV to have their appetite back. While CBD is able to help people to lose weight.

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