Cannabis Reduces Brain Inflammation and Slows the Aging Process

Cannabis used to reduce brain inflammation and aging.

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By: Ohio State News

Gary Wenk, the professor of Psychology/Neuroscience at Ohio State University, states that we can “see it in humans and rats the changes which occur with the aging of the brain”. We refer to that as inflammation. Scientific studies show that inflammation, developed in the brain is the background of most, if not all disease. What this specialist discovered, was that marijuana or at least a component of it called cannabinoids (which is the main component of the plants) – CBD oil brings the brain to a very low frequency which in fact lowers inflammation and brings the brain to a level where it can repair itself. Just as when you go to sleep, it allows the brain to repair your internal and external functions. This will soon be available via the “patch”, as some patients are too young or averse to smoking any medicine. Dr. Wenk wants to find that magic bullet to decrease inflammation and improve your mental functions.

As we age, our brains are more resistant to accepting new information, so, the clock is ticking. No doubt about it,younger brains are healthier. You can, of course, start off at very low dosage – hardly noticeable, witch is like taking one puff (but not inhaling). Just like Clinton.

He also states that any “non-living” food intake ages us! Sugar, Carbs, Fats… all of our favorite things!

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