Marijuana Gum for IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cannabis

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Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a common disorder of the GI tract that dramatically affects millions of people’s lives around the world. And Yet, a highly effective treatment is still not available. A research team in the Netherlands has just started testing what they hope to be a surprising new solution, cannabis-infused chewing gum.

Trails on Cannabis Gum – CBD Infused

These trials will use the gum made by a company here in the US and they claim that its CBD cannabidiol which is a crucial property in marijuana, might ease those colon spasms, that are believed to be the root cause of a lot of people’s symptoms. We know that marijuana can help with nausea. This is another potential benefit to add to the long list of known benefits for cannabis.

We should break down the barriers to medicinal marijuana or cannabis use and find ways to have people use cannabis in a responsible manner. These formal trials in something like IBS, where we have so few great treatments. Cannabidiol doesn’t give you that colorful high that you get from marijuana, so it’s it’s a substance in the marijuana that gives a benefit.

It seems like every year we learn more about this. Much of an IBS back then was sort of nebulous and we still don’t know exactly what’s going. There are millions of sufferers, and historically it’s been complicated to treat. There’s a new a new option, why not give it a try? We know cannabis is helpful in certain conditions. You need to know how to dose correctly, you need to know how much to take and which strain is best for you. This fascinating new study is happening in the Netherlands, however, it’s still unknown where it helps treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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