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Why I Changed My Mind About Medicinal Cannabis

Why I Changed My Mind About Medicinal Cannabis

Hugh Hempel is a technology industry veteran turned biochemistry entrepreneur. He wasn’t always pro-cannabis. Huge’s twin daughters suffered from an ailment known as Childhood Alzheimer’s, which is extremely rare. Soon after this, he changed his mind about cannabis.

After receiving permission from the FDA to begin treating their daughters with cyclodextrin they began. However, they quickly found that though the treatment worked there were other problems. Their daughters were suffering from up to 100 seizures each week. After further research, they discovered that CBD oil, bi-product of the cannabis plant, could help reduce the number and intensity of their daughter’s daily seizures.

In this video, Hugh discusses the frustration of being labeled a criminal for attempting to save his children. This is a feeling more and more parents are struggling with today. All across the world, people are opening up to the benefits of cannabinoids for medicinal use. Yet governments still refuse to acknowledge this. It is videos like this that will hopefully change not only opinions but the law as well.

An articulate and moving speaker, Hugh really illustrates the frustration felt by parents who simply want to give their children the best possible quality of life. The legal status of cannabis on a federal level has significantly limited the scope of researchers who want to investigate the effects of cannabis-based treatments on everything from epilepsy to multiple sclerosis.

Hugh and his wife have now licensed cannabis growers and CBD oil producers in the state of Nevada. As well as this, they work tirelessly to advocate for the removal of cannabis prohibition. They, along with other private citizens who are acting as medical cannabis activists, raise funds to fund private research into cannabis-based treatments. Until the federal government legalizes medical cannabis, it’s thanks to dedicated citizens like Hugh and his wife that strides continue to be made in cannabis research. In the meantime, he has devoted himself to changing the minds of the American people about cannabis.

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