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Cannabis Nasal Spray Stops Child’s Seizures in Seconds

Cannabis Infused Nasal Sprays To Stop Seizures

There is hope for children who suffer from seizure disorders. Image Credit: li tzuni on Unsplash

Video credit: Cannatol Rx

Parents are now able to stop violent grand mal seizures due to epilepsy in 20 seconds with a Cannabidiol (CBD) nasal spray. Inside the spray are CBD oils derived from the cannabis plant. These CBD oils contain no THC, the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. THC is the chemical compound that gives the user a “high,” as is typically associated with cannabis use.

Treating Seizures with A CBD Naal Spray

The above video captures a child being rescued from a seizure” using a cannabis-based nasal spray. Jason Cranford, the inventor of the cannabis spray, says he is violently seizing. However, within 20 seconds of administering the nasal spray, the seizures stop, as the video displays. Cranford developed this therapy with a pharmacist. It is intended to mimic and replace a conventional rescue pharmaceutical for someone going through a seizure.

These specific seizures are tonic-clonic or grand mal seizures. These seizures are violent, sometimes lasting five minutes, and can even be fatal. They’re called status seizures. If you see a child die from epilepsy, Cranford informs viewers, it is usually from a status seizure.

Current Medication to Treat Seizure Disorders

The current standard rescue medications is a benzodiazepine. They require someone to administer the drug rectally. They also leave the child intoxicated for hours. CBD oils can be used as a spray and have no intoxicating effect. This natural extract can treat seizures more effectively than chemical pharmaceuticals with little to no dangerous side effects. Medical cannabis shows promise as a safe, natural, and effective alternative to chemically engineered pharmaceutical medications.

If you are interested in using CBD to treat epilepsy, you should consult your doctor or an appropriate medical professional. Though CBD is not by prescription, the drug may interact with a patient’s current treatment plan. CBD is legal in more states and countries than medical cannabis products containing THC; however, as it is a cannabis product, you should consult your local laws. Some laws limit the CBD products to solely hemp-derived CBD products to assure the THC content level is negligible.

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