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Strains for treating Epilepsy

Epilepsy and cannabis strains

Ringo’s Gift
This strain crosses the ACDC & Harle-Tsu strains for a potent CBD based strain. It takes it name from a cannabis advocate known as Lawrence Ringo not Ringo Star from The Beatles which is what a lot of people think. There are a number of available ratios and phenotype for this strain ranging from 1:1 to 24:1 (CBD:THC). As a result this strain can make you feel relaxed and provide a nice euphoric feeling without the negative side effect known as “couch lock” which stops you from moving for a period of time.

  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, stress, inflammation, depression and muscle spasm.
  • Hybrid
  • 1% THC
  • 20% CBD

Tangerine Kush
This strain provides a nice citrus flavor as the name would suggest for those that use it. Great for relaxing the mind even though it is an indica strain. People that have used this say they feel giggly, creative and happy. Some negative side effects experienced range from the common dry mouth and eyes. The strain is best consumed while it is still moist.

  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, insomnia, depression and pain.
  • Indica
  • 14-19% THC

3D CBD cannabis strain buds have a mellow tropical mango flavor and smell with notable hints of fresh earthy pine on exhale. 3D CBD buds have minty green nugs with rich gold undertones and patches of sparkling golden trichomes. Type of High 3D CBD is a medicinal strain with mellow THC effects. The high starts off with a relaxing lift of the spirits providing the feeling of happiness and mellowed out, just kicking back and enjoying the atmosphere around you. Origin 3D CBD strain has unknown parentage that is a part of the infamous lineup sold at Leafs by Snoop

  • Symptoms Treated – Insomnia, pain, stress, and inflammation.
  • Sativa
  • 6-8% THC
  • 13% CBD

Charlotte’s Web
This is one of the more popular strains in the USA due to its notoriety of its creation with CBD oil and the legalization of marijuana. This strain is 17% CBD and 1% THC which means this strain is strong for potential medical purposes.

  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, stress, depression and fatigue.
  • Hybrid
  • 1% THC
  • 20% CBD

Crystals coma
Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% IndicaTHC: 27% Crystal Coma is a sativa dominant strain with a 30:70 indica/sativa ratio. Crystal Coma is a cross between Skunk and Cheese and is incredibly potent. The strain is known for giving experienced users a run for their money at the same time. On the other hand, Crystal Coma does taste clean and crisp with hints of spice. Crystal Coma offers a high unlike anything you may have experienced before. The high can easily last you anywhere in between two to five hours. That being said, the strain is known for treating epilepsy.

  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, headaches and muscle spasm.
  • Sativa
  • 27% THC
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