Cannabis Strains Best for Sensory Sensitivity?

Best cannabis strains for treating sensory sensitivity

Cannabis could help to treat a wide range of conditions such as epilepsy or migraines. Image Credit: By Joaquin Corbalan P on Shutterstock

Do you experience sensory sensitivity (SS)?

This is a disorder characterized by sensitivity to the senses: touch, vision, taste, smell, and sound. This issue is little understood and SS can be a sign of a serious disorder, and it can also simply be an inconvenience.SS victims typically get annoyed at the slightest touch or are scared by loud noises. When sensory sensitivity becomes severe, it can be a symptom of serious disorders.Those who suffer from migraines experience sensitivity to light, strong smells, and loud noises. But sensory sensitivity can also be a symptom of autism, Asperger’s, epilepsy, and mental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Pharmaceuticals can calm the senses, but they can be dangerous, especially for children. Fortunately, multiple marijuana strains can control the senses and relieve other symptoms associated with these disorders.Here are the best marijuana strains for SS. These include high-THC, high-CBD, and kid-friendly strains.

Harlequin – Strain

Harlequin is one of the most beloved high-CBD marijuana strains. It’s used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, but parents and caregivers give this strain to their loved ones suffering from autism and Asperger’s.

Both autism and Asperger’s cause a variety of undesirable symptoms. Sensory sensitivity is a major one for both. Those who suffer from the autism spectrum — especially children — absorb too much information from the world around them. They can’t control their thoughts, body movements, and their senses. It’s common for those with autism and the autism spectrum to cover their ears when they hear certain noises or become picky eaters due to oversensitive taste buds. Senses start in the brain: your brain processes this information and triggers a reaction.

Normal people simply identify senses that are appealing or unappealing. Those with autism have complex brain functions. Their brain triggers multiple or exaggerated reactions to senses. High-CBD strains like Harlequin are perfect for this symptom due to Harlequin’s involvement with the brain. There are multiple receptors in the brain, and CB1 and CB2 receptors are especially prevalent. CBD is absorbed in CB2 receptors while the psychoactive THC is absorbed in CB1 receptors.

Psychoactive properties can be negative for autistic and Asperger’s patients, so cannabis doctors recommend high-CBD strains such as Harlequin. CBD helps relax the brain by directing brain cells to cause certain reactions. This causes a calming sensation for autistic and Asperger’s patients, and they lose over sensitivity of their senses. The short-term effects are promising, but CBD can repair the brain in the long-term.

Marijuana compounds stay in your body for a long time. So your brain’s cannabinoid receptors will continue interacting with neurons and neurotransmitters. Harlequin is a 75/25 CBD strain. It’s a sativa-dominant, so users will feel energized. This strain is ideal for during the day. You’ll stay clear-headed and alert throughout the day, so the sensory benefits are long-lasting.

The “Original Gansta OG Kush” Strain

OG Kush is one of the most common marijuana strains. It can be found in just about every dispensary, and is one of the most powerful sedative effects. OG Kush will make you sleepy, or may just calm you down. OG Kush is a hybrid, which means it’s a combination of a relaxing indica and an energizing sativa. Because of this duo power, OG Kush is great for the sensory sensitivity associated with migraines.

Those with migraines understand the feeling: your head is pounding, and everything makes you suffer. You can’t look at sunlight or bright lights, you can’t listen to loud music, and strong smells make you nauseous.

Migraine sufferers need a marijuana strain that eases the pain but will also help handle their other migraine symptoms. Even if you don’t have a pounding headache, looking into light or hearing loud noises becomes difficult. OG Kush is an 80/20 high-CBD strain. CBD helps ease pain and relaxes your mind. CBD controls your brain cells to react differently to your senses. But CBD also controls the pain associated with migraines and SS.

CBD activates the 5-HT1A receptor, which is widespread in your entire nervous system. 5-HT1A sends signals to your brain so you react differently to pain. Even though this strain has a little bit of THC, the mild psychoactive properties will benefit you. CB1 receptors are prevalent in your nervous system, so THC helps calm your nerves and relieves pain. The psychoactive properties of THC can induce happiness and pleasure, so you gain your appetite and enjoy touch and sound.

Since OG Kush is a high-CBD strain, you can consume this every day for a subtle “high.” It’s recommended you use OG Kush constantly to prevent migraines.

Charlotte’s Web – Strain

This is the high-CBD strain that helped put medical marijuana on the map. It was designed for a little girl named Charlotte Figi who suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome. This strain was successful at calming her seizures and other epilepsy symptoms.

Charlotte’s Web only contains 0.3% THC, so it’s ideal for children. Since Charlotte’s Web was designed for epilepsy patients, this strain assists with all epilepsy symptoms. Sensory sensitivity is one of epilepsy’s main symptoms. Epilepsy causes altered sensory states and seizures induced by oversensitivity to the senses. Not enough research has been done to understand why CBD is effective, but Charlotte’s story will inspire all epilepsy patients to try this high-CBD marijuana concentrate. Keep in mind, Charlotte’s Web is only recommended for those who suffer from epilepsy.

Cinex Strain

Cinex is an extremely potent sativa. It’s energizing and uplifting, and increases focus. But Cinex also makes you happy and feel creative.

These pleasures are lost when you suffer from sensory deprivation. You’re irritated from the over stimulation — a marijuana strain such as Cinex will improve your mood, so you forget your over sensitivity. Cinex is recommended to those who suffer from mental disorders. Patients with ADHD and attention deficit disorder (ADD) show symptoms of sensory sensitivity. They become too focused on their senses and they don’t pay attention to anything else.

Cinex will help calm the senses and increases focus. This isn’t a wired feeling; rather, it’s a pleasurable feeling. Keep in mind, this strain isn’t recommended for children or those with anxiety disorders. This is also a high-THC and low-CBD strain, so you’ll experience the psychoactive properties.

Granddaddy Purple – Strain

Sensory sensitivity is a common symptom of many anxiety disorders, specifically GAD. Over stimulation causes anxiety to become worse and can even induce a panic attack. Indicas are recommended over sativas for anxiety, and Granddaddy Purple is one of the best indicas on the market. Granddaddy purple is extremely relaxing. When you experience anxiety or panic from sensory overload, this strain will calm your mind and put you at ease. Granddaddy Purple is also beneficial to your body.

It’s high in THC, and the cannabinoid receptors will send calming signals from the nervous system to the brain. Overall, Granddaddy Purple will give you a great “body high” while inducing peacefulness. Don’t consume this strain if you don’t want the powerful THC effects.

White Russian – Strain

Even though this is a high-THC strain, it boasts incredible health benefits. White Russian is an indica so it induces relaxation. But this effect isn’t sleepy; rather, it’s a euphoric and calming one. White Russian helps you feel uplifted while not over-energized.

Since White Russian eases the mind, it’s perfect for adults within the autism spectrum. Its high-THC content is better suited for those with mild autism or Asperger’s, who have a conscious mind and understand the effects of THC.

Since White Russian is relaxing and euphoric, those with mild autism and Asperger’s can control their sensory sensitivity. White Russian also helps those in the autism spectrum handle their stress and social anxiety. Even though this is an indica strain, it won’t make you feel fatigued. This strain centers around feeling uplifted but relaxed.

White Widow – Strain

White Widow is a famous hybrid, incorporating the relaxing indica properties with the euphoria of a sativa. White Widow has a high-THC content, but it’s ideal for medicinal users who want the THC benefits. White Widow is an excellent pain reliever. Those with sensory sensitivity usually feel pain, especially when they’re touched. White Widow also treats other ailments associated with SS.

Those who are sensitive to taste lose their appetite, but White Widow helps patients feel hunger and food tastes better. For those who lose sleep due to over sensitivity, White Widow helps ease insomnia.

Sour Diesel – Strain

This is one of the most famous marijuana strains. Sour Diesel is a powerful sativa that makes you stay active. Sour Diesel helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand. The heavy THC helps control any pain or irritation from your senses. If you decide to take Sour Diesel, stay smart about dosage. Too much Sour Diesel can make you lose focus.

Treat Sensory Sensitivity with Marijuana

When you struggle with oversensitive senses, your mind loses focus and your senses can become painful. Oversensitive senses can be an annoyance, but can also be a symptom of a severe disorder. But marijuana helps retain focus, eases anxiety, relieves pain, and treats your sensitivity in the long-term. Want to treat your over sensitivity without dangerous pharmaceuticals? See if you’re eligible for medical marijuana.

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