Medical Marijuana and Seizure Treatment

Treating Seizures With Medical Marijuana

It's becoming more evident that medical cannabis can help with treating seizure disorders.Image Credit: Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

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Founder of Integr8, Dr. Dustin Sulak, discusses cannabis as a way to treat epilepsy. He specializes in high-quality cannabis evaluations and integrative medicine. Working with cannabis over the last four years, Dr. Sulak has helped thousands of people who have been able to use cannabis in conjunction with their medication. Some patients have been able to reduce the dosage of their pharmaceutical medication by adding cannabis into their regime.

Some forms of medication can actually add to health conditions due to their side effects. It’s been found that cannabis can help lessen these side effects. Insomnia seems to be a condition that affects a lot of people taking medication for seizures — and cannabis has been known to help with this.

There are other ways that cannabis can help those with epilepsy. Fundamentally, it can help people feel like they have control over their lives. So many people suffering from seizures will struggle to do small tasks, socialize, work, study, drive, travel, and more. Even if cannabis can provide the smallest of relief, then looking into it could be worthwhile.

Further Ways That Cannabis Can Help With Seizures

There are so many different side-effects when it comes to pharmaceutical medication for seizures. Adult medication isn’t appropriate for child use, either. Children are a lot more sensitive to medication and can experience numerous side-effects from heavily sedating drugs.

If a child becomes hyperactive due to the results of medication, for example, then cannabis can counteract this by making the child feel more relaxed — rather than using a relaxant type of medication which may hold more side effects. This comes from its usefulness in treating symptoms of ADHD — so having it for hyperactivity can also garner positive results.

In particular, cannabis has long been known to help those with epilepsy. From the Charlottes’ Web strain standing in the limelight, people have taken to cannabis for treating seizures quite easily. It’s a natural source that can actively lessen the number of seizures a person can have, which improves the overall quality of life. It’s been under many different scientific studies, all of which concluding to the benefits that cannabis has for treating epilepsy and/or seizures.

So much so, that in 2018, Epidolex became the first cannabis-based FDA-approved drug. The main investigator into Epidolex, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, made a statement on the new drug; “the CBD binds with a novel receptor in the brain and thereby dampens down too much electrical activity. CBD seems to be a relatively unique mechanism of action that’s not shared by any of the existing seizure medications.”

Using CBD, cannabis, or even being prescribed with Epidolex can range from helping a child to sleep better, to shortening the length and/or severity of the seizures — sometimes completely eradicating them. However, parents should always monitor their child when giving them any type of drug. There are cases of people growing a tolerance to cannabis, meaning that the dose isn’t as effective as it once was.

There are ways to qualify for medical marijuana, and having a license is essential. Before doing so, make sure to do your research. Dr. Sulak further explains how important it is for people considering medical cannabis to research and find out which is the right type of cannabis, the right dosing, and the right delivery system.

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