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Medical Marijuana and Seizure Treatment

Seizure Treatment and Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana might be able to help treat seizure disorders.Image Credit: Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

Video Credit: Intergr8Health

Dr. Dustin Sulak who is the founder of Integr8 discusses using Cannabis to treat epilepsy. Dr. Dustin Sulak specializes in high-quality cannabis evaluations and integrative medicine. Working with cannabis over the last four years, he has helped thousands of people who have been able to use cannabis in conjunction with their medication to manifest powerful results. Some patients have been able to significantly reduce the dosage of their pharmaceutical medication.

70% to 80% of children who suffer from epilepsy can control their condition entirely with the help of medication. But these types of medications can lead to other health conditions as they hold a lot of side effects. So in conjunction, cannabis can help these side effects. Not only does cannabis prevent seizures but for instance, if a child is suffering from insomnia due to a side effect from other medication then cannabis can improve this child quality of sleep.

Hyperactivity in Children – Can Cannabis Help?

If a child becomes hyperactive due to the results of medication, then cannabis can counteract this by making the child feel more relaxed rather than using another relaxant type of medication which may even hold more side effects. Cannabis is also useful in treating symptoms of ADHD. All of the studies conducted on medical cannabis have shown very little evidence concerning side effects. Also, cannabis is pretty much impossible to over-dose on considering you after to ingest 400 times our body weight so it’s 100% safe.

Many medications have terrible and toxic side effects. Medical Cannabis, on the other hand, is 100% safe and is showing remarkable results! These can range from helping the child to sleep better, to shortening the length or severity of the seizures, to completely eradicate them. He stresses how important it is for people considering medical cannabis to research and find out which is the right type of cannabis, the right dosing, and the right delivery system.

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