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Real Story – Mother Saves Sons Life Using CBD Oil

I Gave My Son Cannabis Oil to Save His Life

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Hannah Deacon, is a mother who was devastated to discover that her son, Alfie, was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy at the age of 8 months old. reaches out to raise awareness on how cannabis oil treated her son. When Hannah witnessed her sons first seizure she described it as

“horrendously frightening we, thought it might be a febrile convulsion”.

Alfie was having tonic-clonic seizures, repeatedly one after the other. They had brought him to A&E were the hospital had to put Alfie on a life-support machine. They had to visit two other hospitals, because no one was sure on how to treat him, and on numerous occasions Hannah was told that her son might not make it because at this point, Alife was having 9 anti-epileptics at that point.

The older Alfie got, the epileptic seizures were more frequent. By the age of 4, Alfie was in A&E every 4 to 10 days. By the age of 5, Alfie was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy, a condition called PCD h19. Only 9 boys in the world has this form of epilepsy as it is mostly common in girls.

Hannah had joined groups on Facebook relating to Epilepsy, and it was through these groups that she discovered cannabis as an alternative cure. She then joined a Facebook group called PCD h19 and noticed that people in America used medicinal Cannabis as a treatment who saw amazing results. Hannah stated that she undertook endless amount of research on Cannabis.

“it just kept coming up as a safe and effective”,

After treating her son with CBD, the results were apparent and effective. He very quickly became a “normal boy” with a much better quality of life. Within 6 weeks of taking CBD oil, Alfie was having 1 seizure a month, compared to hundereds.

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