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I Fought for My Son to Be Prescribed Cannabis: This Morning

I Fought for My Son to Be Prescribed Cannabis | This Morning

Credit: This Morning

Charlotte Caldwell has been campaigning and raising awareness on CBD oil as she has fought to treat her 11 year old son, Billy with Cannabis oil. Charlotte had taken Billy to Los Angeles, where Billy was prescribed Cannabis oil. When Charlotte and Billy returned home to Northern Ireland the CBD oil had reduced Billy’s life threatening seizures and fits. This lead billy to be a lot more engaged in daily life, and gave him a better quality of life overall.

Billy had been suffering with up to 100 seizures a day, each one being extremely deadly and life risking. But over eight years, Billy’s seizures were in remission, until June 2016. Charlotte says that

“They returned with a vengeance”

Because when Billy returned to Northern Ireland, the doctors didn’t prescribe him the correct ratio of drugs. Once the correction was made, 16 weeks later, going from 100 seizures a day, Billy had 0 seizures a day.

Charlotte then talks about the process of Billy taking the CBD oil,

“One is a CBD which is really good quality, whole plant extract CBD oil, no synthetics, no chemicals and the other bottle is as THC, which is the part where the controversy is about in our country. 0.2% is the legal limit but Billy is slightly over the legal limit but it is working for him, Billy is just over 90 days seizure free today”

Charlotte is ecstatic to have found a medicine that is 100% natural, that prevents her son from having life threatening seizures. She’s also delighted to have had amazing education from the medical team in the United States that have 100% medically supervised Billy’s consumption of CBD.

Charlotte ends with the great news, that not only has Billy’s seizures come to a full halt from CBD oil treatment, but he has also improved on his eye contact, he’s engaging more in life and has taken interest in toys and books.

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