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Cannabis as a Treatment for Pediatric Seizures

Pediatric seizures and medical cannabis treatment

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Epilepsy is a condition which effects approximately 470,000 children in the United States today. Although it doesn’t affect a very large proportion of the population, pediatric epilepsy is one are of medical research which is highly prioritized.

The seizures which are the most characteristic symptom of the condition can vary in severity. While some children who suffer with epilepsy may almost never have seizures, some experience them on an almost constant basis.

It’s not surprising then that normal life for children with severe epilepsy can’t have a normal childhood. Many have no choice other than homeschooling, and parents must give up everything to be the full time carers of their little ones. This takes an immeasurable toll on everyone involved.

Current medications can create a sedative-like effect, dulling the personality of the children who take them. Others can cause excessive fatigue, nausea, vomiting and headaches. So, it’s no wonder that researchers are so keen to find a solution.

Cannabis is Growing in Popularity for Pediatric Epilepsy

Growing numbers of worried parents are choosing to treat their children’s conditions with cannabis. This may seem irresponsible, and many people object strongly to it, but the scientific evidence in support of this choice is constantly building.

Cannabis and the chemicals which are found in it have been tested on epileptic mice and rats in laboratories around the world. The majority of the research has found that cannabis can be highly effective at treating some forms of the condition, while not at all useful in treating others.

In addition to the scientific data, the amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabis can reduce seizures is staggering. It seems that each day we come across a new story posted online by a Mom or Dad who claim that cannabis has changed their sick children’s lives.

It is a widely held belief among the medical science community that it is only a matter of time before a cannabis-based epilepsy treatment becomes available. Undoubtedly, the parents of almost half a million American children are longing for this day. Hopefully the strides being made in epilepsy research will continue, and this dream will become a reality sooner rather than later.

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