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CBD Oil Children With Epilepsy – Is It Really a Miracle Drug?

CBD Oil Miracle Drug Severe Epilepsy

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Published: 7th May 2018

In this news report you will hear the story of CBD oil and its miracle benefits for families with children suffering from serious disorders. Families are having to travel to California to acquire the CBD oil that helps their children because it is illegal in the states they currently live in.

Jennifer and Dan Kubisz say CBD oil changed their sons life. Their son had a dangerous form of epilepsy and doctors said he would never walk talk. After using CBD oil their son (Now 5 years old) is able to walk and talk and has virtually no more seizures. This is strong first hand evidence to support the use the CBD oil for treating serious forms of epilepsy.

Bernadette Eccleston has a 17 year old son who has autism and says the oil changed their lives. The oil now makes him calm and centered. He is like a different person now.

Kristin Bowker has a daughter Bella Grace who suffers from aicardi syndrome a severe seizure disorder. Since she was 2 months old she was pumped full of prescription drugs which lead her to become “the sleeping beauty”. The drugs resulted in her sleeping all the time and her seizures never stopped. Since Kristin started using CBD oil to help her daughter, she can now interact with her daughter and get to know her. Her seizures are also virtually gone.

Since CBD oils are illegal in most states and due to high demand and taxes the prices for CBD oil are increasing making it harder for parents to look after their children. Although is light at the end of the tunnel. A UK based company has made a CBD oil which is now being considered for approval by the FDA which would be a huge change for people who need it.

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