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CBD – From Seizure Coma to Running in Days

CBD Treats Seizure Coma in Dog

While CBD can be used on people, it can also be used on our pets too, Image Credit: Bryan Hanson on Unsplash

Video Credit: thewonderdawg

Late one Sunday night, Marco found his beloved dog, Silby trapped in a seizure. Silby was in a coma as a result of a seizure. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, her mouth and jaws had locked up, and she was completely unresponsive. Monday, feeling scared and helpless, he tried an alternative treatment, CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana after THC. CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy.

Studies Carried Out About Cannabis as Treatment

In one study 7 out of 8 dogs treated with CBD showed definite improvement in dogs within 4 to five months. This video shows the miraculous effects of CBD on Silby after only FIVE days of treatment! Although you can hear the worry in Marco’s voice while filming, he states “I really hope I’m documenting an amazing recovery.” By Monday evening Silby was responsive. Sibly isn’t the first dog to use CBD as a form of treatment. Many pet owners, dogs or cats are using CBD to treat their furry friends. Here’s a list of 6 ways to introduce CBD into your pets life.

Silby the Dogs Fights Epilepsy with CBD

She woke up for her favorite treat, a cheeseburger. The very next day you can watch Silby’s progress as she makes her way outside and though wobbly, is walking around the backyard. On Wednesday, Marco, for the first time, takes Silby out for a walk around the neighborhood. She is alert, keeping a good pace, and she seems almost back to her old self again. By Friday, after only 5 days of CBD treatments, Silby looks amazing! She is setting the pace, she is chasing critters, and Silby shows no signs that just five days earlier she was trapped in a coma!

If you wish to use cannabis or CBD as a form of treatment for you or your dog, make sure you consult your doctor or your pet’s vet.

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