Does CBD E Liquid Offer the Same Benefits as CBD Oil?

CBD E Liquid

Vaping oil-based products is not ideal, so CBD e liquid is now available for vape pens. Learn here if vaping CBD is as beneficial for reducing seizures as oil.

The cannabis market is booming. In fact, it’s expected to become a $2.1 billion market by 2020.

Part of this rapid growth surely has to do with the increased popularity of non-psychoactive cannabis products — specifically products that contain cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD oil, in particular, has been touted as a great option for people who want relief from various medical conditions but don’t want to “get high” at the same time.

There are other ways to consume CBD, though. For example, vaping CBD e-liquid is a faster method that seems to have a more powerful effect.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of vaping CBD e-liquid. You’ll learn why it’s one of the most effective methods for administering CBD, as well as some helpful tips for getting started with vaping.

What is CBD? CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not come with any hallucinogenic or mind-altering effects.

But, it does come with a number of important health benefits.

CBD has been used on its own and in conjunction with THC to successfully treat everything from arthritis and chronic pain to epilepsy and other seizure disorders.

How Does CBD Work?

THC binds to the body’s own cannabinoid receptors — CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD, on the other hand, bypasses these receptors and binds to others throughout the body, including the following:

CBD can also minimize the less-desirable effects of THC. It does this by suppressing the CB1 receptors, which are responsible for producing the “high” feeling that comes with consuming THC.

Ways to Consume CBD

CBD oil is probably the most popular option for consuming CBD. It’s straightforward and easy to do. It can also be added to chocolates, spices, and other edibles to make it more appealing.

There are also lots of other administration methods, though, including the following:

CBD Tinctures

A tincture is an alcohol-based extract that is administered via a dropper. CBD tinctures are similar to CBD oil, but they’re usually more potent and are absorbed faster since they’re applied under the tongue.

CBD Topicals

You can also buy CBD-infused lotions, soaps, and other topical products that are applied to the skin directly. These products are ideal for people who want to use CBD to help relieve muscle aches or joint pain.

CBD e-Liquid

You can also vaporize CBD using CBD e-liquid. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to experience the effects of CBD.

It is unappealing to some people because they think it’s just like smoking cannabis. This definitely is not the case, though.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

There are a number of benefits that come with vaping CBD e-liquid instead of consuming CBD oil. CBD oil is not bad at all. But, it’s also not the most efficient method for administering CBD.

Some of the benefits of vaping CBD e-liquid include:


Perhaps the great benefit of caping CBD e-liquid is the fact that it can be absorbed better than CBD oil can.

When you consume CBD orally through an oil or edible, only a small percentage of it will actually be absorbed by and have a direct effect on your body. There are two reasons for this.

First, CBD is not water-soluble. Rather than staying in the bloodstream, CBD oil will be diffused out of the blood and will accumulate in the body’s fatty tissues.

This decreases the amount of CBD that can actually be distributed throughout the body.

To avoid these losses, vaping CBD is your best bet. Just like smoking, vaping allows the CBD to enter the lungs and be diffused directly into the bloodstream. This dramatically increases the bioavailability.


Since you’ll receive more of the benefits of CBD by vaping, you can actually use less to get the same effects.

CBD products are expensive, and, since they’re not covered by any insurance plans, it’s important to find the most cost-effective method of consumption possible. For most people, this is vaping with CBD e-liquid.


When you consume CBD orally, you have to wait for it to pass through the liver and the rest of the digestive system. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours.

If you want fast-acting relief, vaping is the way to go.

Since the CBD will go straight through the lungs and into the bloodstream, you’ll feel the effects much faster than you would by consuming an oil or edible.

This makes vaping the ideal option for people who use CBD for pain relief or to control epileptic seizures.

No Lung Damage

Many people shy away from vaping CBD e-liquid because they think it’s just like smoking. They’re worried about lung and throat damage that comes with inhaling plant smoke.

In reality, vaping does cause the same amount of damage that smoking does. This is because, instead of inhaling smoke, people who vape are inhaling a smooth vapor that doesn’t contain any of the dangerous chemicals that smoke does.

Vapor is much easier on the lungs than smoking. Some people do complain of a dry mouth/throat after vaping, though, so it’s important to stay hydrated after consuming CBD this way.

Easier Dosing

It’s also much easier to does CBD when vaporizing it. With oils and edibles, it can be hard to measure how much you’re actually getting.

When vaping CBD, you can buy pre-dosed cartridges. This makes it even easier to get just what you need without any of the challenges that come with trying to measure the product.

CBD e-Liquid Vs. CBD Oil

Okay, you’re convinced that there are benefits to vaping with CBD e-Liquid. But, is there any difference between e-liquid and CBD oil?

In short, yes. CBD oil is just that, an oil. It can’t really be vaporized, and it would not be smart to try.

You should stick to CBD oil if you only want to consume CBD orally. But, if you want to consume CBD orally and vape it, you’ll be better off just buying e-liquid.

Many e-liquids can also be taken orally, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. You should, of course, clarify that the particular e-liquid you bought is safe for oral consumption before you try this.

Getting Started

If you’ve never vaped before, here are some tips to help you get started.

How Vaporizers Work

A vaporizer is comprised of three main parts:

  • The battery
  • The tank
  • The mouthpiece

The battery powers your vape. Some batteries also have a temperature control option to help you avoid accidentally burning your CBD e-liquid.

The tank is where the e-liquid is stored. It will contain a heating element that evaporates the e-liquid and creates the vapor.

The mouthpiece, of course, is what you’ll use to inhale the vapor. Mouthpieces come in many different styles that affect the way the vapor comes out. For example, wide mouthpieces cool down the vapor, while narrow ones keep it warm.

Types of Vaporizers

There are three main types of vaporizers:

  • Cigalike vaporizers
  • Vape pens
  • Desktop vaporizers

Cigalike vaporizers look like cigarettes. They’re small and convenient.

But, they’re quickly becoming less popular because it’s harder to tell which product you’re vaping. The cartridges also often contain additives and other harsh chemicals.

Desktop vaporizers are larger and are best for people who only want to vape at home. Many people choose to vape because it can be done discreetly on the go. Because of this, desktop vaporizers are not very popular since they aren’t portable.

Vape pens are small, discreet, and powerful. They’re the most popular type of vaporizer since they’re convenient and typically outperform cigalike vaporizers.

Vaping Tips

If you’ve never vaped before, it can be a bit intimidating. These tips will help you have a good experience when you first try vaping CBD e-liquid.

  • Start slow and figure out how potent the e-liquid is
  • Monitor the temperature to avoid burning your e-liquid
  • Take short, controlled puffs rather than long inhales

You’ll also want to make sure you’re investing in quality e-liquids. Not all products are created equal, especially since the cannabis market is largely unregulated at this point.

Take the time to check out online review sites or get recommendations from friends or family members. And, be willing to spend some extra money to get a good product. Don’t waste your money on subpar e-liquids just because you want to save a few bucks.

Want to Learn More about CBD?

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with choosing to vape CBD over consuming it in an edible form.

Do you want to learn more about how people are using CBD e-liquid to treat epilepsy and other conditions? Do you need recommendations for the best e-liquids and vape pens on the market?

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