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Cannabis Use in Pediatric Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

Cannabis Use Pediatric Treatment Epilepsy

It appears that CBD has offered hope to families of children suffering from seizures. 19 families met the criterion for the survey and it was astounding what they reported. CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant.

Parents who have children with epilepsy often struggle to give their children medications that are commonly known to have side effects. Medications for children with epilepsy can lead them into a “zombie-like state”. As a result of this, many parents seek alternative ways and treatments in order to treat their children.

A Survey on Social Media on Children Taking CBD for Epilpeys

A survey was conducted on a social media platform where a group form was made for parents to swap and share information in regards to treating their children with cannabidiol. 19 people responded to the survey.

Through the survey, it was noted that from the group, four children have Doose syndrome, 13 children have Dravet syndrome, 1 child has idiopathic epilepsy and another with Lennox-Gastaut. All children had used cannabidiol (CBD oil) to treat their seizure disorder and 2 out of 19 children have been reported to be 100% seizure free and 80% were reported in having their seizures reduced by up to 80%.

The parents have stated that the CBD oil has also helped improved their children’s sleeping quality and pattern and overall improved their mood behavior. Parents have said that when they started medical cannabis treatment for children, that they were able to wean and reduce the intact of AEDs (Definition. Antiepileptic drugs). 12 out of 19 children were now using cannabis alone to treat their seizure disorder.

The survey did state that the survey was slightly biased which had prevented the researchers from making an accurate conclusion on cannabidiol treating for children with epilepsy. Many parents are turning to medical cannabis and cannabidiol as a form of treatment for epilepsy. If you wish to do the same, make sure you seek medical advice before doing so.

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