Cannabis Use in Paediatric Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

Cannabis used as paediatric treatment for epilepsy

Parents have been highlighting how CBD oil has helped their children with epilepsy for years, and it's no surprise why. Image Credit: By Oksana Kuzmina on shutterstock.

It’s a long and upsetting road when your child has epilepsy — and even more so when they develop a tolerance to a lot of medication. However, there is hope in the form of a natural solution. It appears that CBD has offered hope to families of children suffering from seizures.

It’s all too common for parents to struggle to find an affective medication without extreme side effects. A lot of medication for children with epilepsy can leave them in a “zombie-like state”. As a result of this, many parents seek alternative ways and treatments in order to treat their children. However, it’s even more difficult to find natural methods of medication to calm seizures.

More recently, Epidiolex, the first-ever CBD-based drug was approved by the FDA. It reached headlines in 2018, as the calls for CBD to be legalized for seizure control was finally heard. Epidiolex remains as the only FDA-approved CBD drug yet. It’s specifically designed to treat children with rare cases of epilepsy, and has seen some incredible results.

Parents have been using CBD oil to treat their children even before this, though. By spreading awareness through social platforms, creating communities, and sharing their stories, Epidiolex would not be where it is now without their help.

A Survey on Social Media on Children Taking CBD for Epilpeys

A survey was conducted on a social media platform where a group forum was made for parents to swap and share information in regards to treating their children with cannabidiol. 19 people responded to the survey.

Through the survey, it was noted that from the group, four children had Doose syndrome, 13 children had Dravet syndrome, one child had idiopathic epilepsy, and one was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut. All children had used CBD oil to treat their seizure disorder. From the results of the survey, two out of 19 children had reported being 100 percent seizure-free, while the remaining children were reported as having their seizures reduced by up to 80 percent.

The parents have stated that the CBD oil had also helped improved their children’s sleeping quality, and overall improved their behavior in mood changes. Parents have said that when they started the medical cannabis treatment for their children, they were able to wean and reduce the intact of AEDs. 12 out of the 19 children are now using cannabis — without the help of other medications — to treat their seizure disorder.

The survey did state that the findings were slightly biased. This prevented researchers from making an accurate conclusion on CBD oil for treating children with epilepsy.

Other forms of CBD oil are available to the public, but since these studies, Epidolex has proved to have outstanding effects. It’s legal to get from a doctor and is the safest option to choose from when buying any type of CBD product to treat seizures. Before this, there were no approved drugs to help with Dravet syndrome — a rare case of epilepsy that seriously decreases the quality of life. However, this has not stopped researchers from updating the latest facts on CBD oil for epilepsy, and what it may do in the long-term — whether for better or worse.

CBD oil for treating epilepsy has proven to have minimal side effects — a huge benefit when treating children, and one of the reasons why Epidiolex was officially approved. Thorough studies have looked into the comparison between traditional medication versus CBD oil and found that there was a stark difference. It is still possible to experience side-effects from CBD oil, like a dry mouth or bad dreams, but the chances of this happening are slim.

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