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A Little Girl With Epilepsy Tries Cannabis Oil

A Little Girl With Epilepsy Tries Cannabis Oil

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A little girl named Qwenevere, is just over 2 years old but was developmentally stuck at a 4 month old level due to suffering with epilepsy. Her father, Alex, explains how horrific it was to see his daughter having seizures not knowing what they meant.

Alex felt the needed to gain knowledge on epilepsy in order to try find a cure, or something at least to improve Qwenvere’s quality of life, as she was suffering with 40 to 50 epileptic seizures a day, seizures which ranged from tonic to myolonic. They also found out through a ECG scan that Qwenevere had constant subclinical epileptic seizure activity in the brain, which could potentially cause brain damage due to the intensity of the frequency.

Qwenevere was on a total of nine different medications, none showing any results on improving the sublinical activity. Here is when her dad Alex took matter into his own hands by researching what was happening to his own daughter, what epilepsy was and researched different treatments, from his research he found Cannabis.
Alex runs through the process of having access to Cannabis, i.e, getting a prescription because he was committed to buying and using Cannabis oil in the most legal manner possible. He then had to find a doctor who would prescribe the drug to his daughter, which luckily wasn’t was difficult as the doctor trusted Alex and the amount of research he carried out.

The next problem Alex had, was that Cannabis in Canada was only legal to purchase in dried form, and would hardly ever expect his daughter to have to ingest or inhale any medication. He then started to turn the dried Cannabis plant into oil, which can be done due to cannabis being a fat soluble substance, which was illegal.

Since then, Canada have set out to change laws about medical marijuana and to remove the word “dry” from its definition allowing people to have access to it in different forms.

A year later, Qwenevere

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