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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 50 million people around the world suffer from epilepsy. That makes it the most common neurological (brain) condition globally. Epilepsy is a condition that involves the sufferer from experience seizures which can cause a loss of consciousness. If epilepsy is left untreated, seizures become more prominent which can be fatal. Epileptics seizures cause approximately 45,000 deaths each year, which is roughly the same amount of deaths associated with road accidents and breast cancer.

However, people with epilepsy generally go about their daily lives as per usual and if they are looking after their condition, seizures can become less frequent. Treatments for epilepsy involve Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). These drugs help to control seizures associated with the condition by changing the levels of chemicals located within the brain.

Epilepsy has many factors, and people can either be born with the brain disorder, or people can obtain it. While being born with epilepsy is more common, there are cases where people develop it later in life if one was to suffer from a brain tumour, traumatic injury to the brain or a stroke. According to a study carried out by Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, strokes are the leading cause of epilepsy in adults older than 35 years of age.

While epilepsy is treatable, it cannot be cured. At cannabisMD, we aim to provide all of the information on epilepsy that you need in just a few clicks. The articles below are based on research, studies and professional experts. These articles discuss everything you need to know about epilepsy, pharmaceutical treatments, alternative treatments such as medical cannabis and methods to consume medical cannabis to treat epilepsy.

Studies suggest that medical cannabis can be used to treat epilepsy, and these articles discuss in detail the possible potential on how and why medical cannabis is a great alternative and organic treatment for you.