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How CBD Could Be Used to Treat Eczema

How CBD Could Be Used to Treat Eczema

If you suffer from atopic dermatitis, or other types of eczema, you may be interested to learn about recent developments around the use of CBD products for treatment of this common skin condition.

CBD oil is derived from the seeds of hemp, a type of cannabis. CBD oil has over 60 active agents. Of all of those, only one (known as THC) is an intoxicant which can cause an addictive ‘high’. Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC so is perfectly safe to use for people with eczema.

As far back as the turn of the 20th century, it was understood that cannabis could relieve the itching of eczema and prevent flares. There are many features of eczema which cause an intense itching of the affected area including dry skin, histamine release and sensory nerve fibers. However the compounds which are found in CBD oil have a powerful ability to stop itchiness.

They are said to interact with receptors naturally occurring within our ECS (Endocannabinoid System) which protect our skin and can also help in decreasing the signs and symptoms of eczema. Findings from clinical studies have shown these compounds, known as cannabinoids, can be effective from two approaches. They can reduce the amount of cytokine and chemokine we create, which both cause inflammation while also producing more cells (t-regulatory cells) to slow inflammation.

Further research is needed into this area but it is showing that cannabinoids can control how bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) settles within our bodies. Something we have mentioned many times before is how our endocannabinoid system, with help from our endogenous (our own) cannabinoids and phyto (Cannabis) cannabinoids, can regulate and balance our bodies defense mechanisms.

It would appear studies are starting to record more of these findings. Controlling the settling of this bacteria, is what is said to be a key aspect in its treatment via CBD oil. As more research is carried out in regards to these findings we will have a more definitive understanding of how CBD oil can effectively treat eczema.

Also, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has be proven to suppress histamine production in eczema (or contact dermatitis) in mice . In rats, molecules similar to those in cannabis have shown significant pain management properties. There have also been reports of improvement of eczema through the use of topical cannabinoids in humans, where they inhibit the production of histamines. Histamine release causes inflammation and the intense itching associated with eczema.

Most of the studies referenced or referred to in regards to cannabis and it’s medical potential relate to studies carried out on rats or mice however some human studies have been carried out. Some rat studies found that cannabinoids could only be provided via transdermal (patches) application to target inflammation. Human studies used topical applications (creams/oils) to actually treat the symptoms of eczema and it was deemed very successful.

Human Trial Findings- Eczema Cannabinoid Treatment

  • 60% of Participants Experienced – Reduced Itching
  • 60% of Participants Experienced – Sleeplessness (Trouble Sleeping)
  • 20% of Participants – Could Stop Taking Other Topical Medications
  • 38% of Participants – Could Stop Taking Oral Medications
  • 33.6% of Participants – Could Stop their steroid based medication

These results are every promising at this stage, however the negative side effect of sleeplessness is a concern. Why it is caused will need further investigation to see if it is due to the individual or based on how much CBD was taken.

Topical CBD Products for Eczema

Care should be taken when choosing an eczema treatment cream because some have terpenes which can irritate the skin further. Care should also be taken to choose a skin care product which includes active ingredients that target eczema issues rather than one for joint or muscle pain.

Furthermore, the hemp industry has far less regulation that the medical marijuana industry. Some hemp products on the market may introduce other irritants, solvents and contaminants onto the skin and should be approached cautiously. However, based on the research which has been carried out thus far, there is little or no cause for concern.

Read labels with care as incorrect labelling is abundant in this under regulated industry. Third party testing by an independent laboratory for specific products should also increase consumer confidence and provide you the best product available for your eczema.

There is much hope for CBD as the perfect treatment for eczema as the cannabinoids have demonstrated effects on several aspects of eczema which contribute to the condition. Even severe cases of eczema have been dramatically improved as a result of CBD oil. Topical CBD products hold the promise of reduced inflammation, reduced itching, control of s. aureus and histamine production, and improvement in the appearance and occurrence of AD. All of this can be achieved without the risk of a number of side effects that are seen with many of the current treatments which doctors may prescribe.

There is still more work to do in order to fully explore the potential of CBD oil for eczema and countless other conditions. Further research will also help inform better regulation and production in the industry, which will benefit patients enormously. But one thing is for sure; the future of CBD oil in the treatment of eczema is promising.

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