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CBD From Industrial Hemp For Plaque Psoriasis Relief

Industrial Hemp oil For Plaque Psoriasis Relief And Cure

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Pete has started using Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for his Plaque psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease / skin condition and a chronic disease where skin cells are produced quicker than the average time. Psoriasis can flare up (come and go). When a flare-up begins it’s generally caused by a trigger. Psoriasis is identified by patches of skin growth. Psoriasis is pretty common Symptoms of plaque that include:

  1. Red patches of skin
  2. Inflamed patches of skin
  3. Dry skin that can crack and/or bleed
  4. Swollen Joints
  5. Itching
  6. Burning
  7. Pain

What Can Trigger Psoriasis?

Is Psoriasis curable or not? Psoriasis is none curable and medical experts are baffled by what causes it. Even though there is no cure for the common skin condition there are ways in which one can reduce the symptoms. It’s also important to note that there are triggers that can worsen psoriasis. If you can pinpoint these triggers to try and prevent your psoriasis from flaring up then you’re definitely on the right track. Triggers include:

  1. Injury to the skin (cuts and burns
  2. Stress
  3. Medications (side effects)
  4. Over consumption of Alcohol
  5. Smoking
  6. (Skin) Infections (strep throat)

Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

Pete suffers from psoriasis on the top of his head and all over his arms. He states that he has found a natural treatment that can help reduce his symptoms. Pete has been experimenting with Cannabidiol as a form of treatment from his psoriasis. He decided to document his treatment through youtube videos so that he can inform and educate the views that it has worked for him. In the first video that Pete made he stated that after one week of taking CBD Oil his psoriasis had cleared up by 40% and his symptoms reducing significantly. He also states that CBD Oil reduced skin scaling and even the pain caused by psoriasis. Around the time of the making of this video, Pete was only using CBD oil sparingly.

In the video, Pete tells the cameraman that since taking CBD Oil the itching caused by psoriasis immediately went away. Since he has seen dramatic and promising results Pete decided to continue the treatment. This time he decided to use a more concentrated formula and is higher in CBD. Since the video, Pete has only been using this higher concentrated formula for a couple of days. He believes that he will need to use CBD oil every day for approximately three to four weeks before seeing a noticeable difference. He hopes that this time it will totally cure his psoriasis. Now Pete has a more plentiful supply of CBD oil in comparison to the last video. Now he believes that he has enough to use twice a day.

CBD oil has grown in popularity over recent years because medical experts and scientists have discovered its medical properties. Due to this CBD oil has been a highlight in the media. Now that people are becoming more educated on the topic of the cannabis plant and CBD governments around the world have begun looking into the “miracle plant” and are making small steps to legalise it for medicinal purposes (some are even legalising it for recreational purposes too).

However, cannabis is still illegal around the world so before you decided to take CBD oil for treating your psoriasis or any other medical condition please memorize your laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis plant, CBD and THC to avoid paying a fine or jail time. It’s important to consult your physician or any other medical expert before taking CBD oil as they can guide you thoroughly with dosing and whether it is the correct treatment for you.

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