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The Natural Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Depression

The Natural Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil Products for Treating Social Anxiety and Depression

By: Colorado CBD

Watch this excellent piece on medical marijuana. I love these short, concise videos where we behold moving stills coupled with lively critical journalism. There is a message given loud and clear as style and prose weave a narrative that not only draws you into a comprehensive solution to a problem, but leaves you repulsed by the orthodox mode of operandi of the day.

The statistics are verifiably real. The data continues unassailed. People are killing themselves due to chronic depression, and at the same time we are seeing particular pharmaceutical drugs such as any one of the types of antidepressants being prescribed actually themselves being catalysts of death.  What is the difference between those types of medicine which have long-lasting healing effects and those types of medicine which need a full sheet of paper to list the possible side effects? While crucial limited testing being allowed for medical marijuana is astoundingly positive, it is also acute and the ultra-modern results are all on public record.

When it comes to depression, studies have found that stress is a number one causing factor. Why? The answer is to be found in our newly discovered inner neurological system. In 1993 scientists discovered what was to be termed the Endocannabinoid System. This neurological receptor system deals with a vast array of duties and capabilities vital to a healthy mind, body, and soul. In medical marijuana we find a bouquet of cannabinoids at the ready and quite able to satisfy any and all problems related to cannabinoid deficiency.

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