CBD Oil Manic Depression Bipolar Disorder

CBD Oil Manic Depression Bipolar Disorder

Video credit: Patrick Struiksma

“These three drips… changed my life”. That is how this video finishes up as we see Patrick explaining to us how bad it is to be a manic and bi-polar person. As he goes through his hearing of Cannabidiol (CBD), acquiring some for himself, and eventually trying the product, we see him say that he simply “became himself”.

One of the reasons that a person receiving CBD treatment can suddenly go from feeling run down, depressed, or sad to feeling light-hearted, upbeat, and spry is that they are lacking in what is known as cannabinoids.

The Endocannabiniod System, Cannabis, Regualtion and BD

We have our own endocannabinoid system which is a supply and demand chain that when broken can lead to all sorts of malfunctions in the human body. When someone like Patrick utilizes the recorded benefits of CBD oil, he immediately feels better and expresses the sensation of simply being normal, feeling like his usual self.

He then pans the camera to show us what he has been feasting his eyes on the whole time, a beautiful array of healthy, full cannabis plants most of which he names as CBD strains. He states that he knew right away he was going to grow the plant, and for his personal self-sustenance, it is working great.

If we are run down in a particular area like energy, food, or hydration, then we naturally need more energy, food, or H2O. If we are rundown in the area of cannabinoids, then obviously, we are going to be needing more cannabinoids to supplement our receptor system which so desperately requires them.

While studies are promising, cannabis is still in the early stages of trials so it’s important to do your research and seek medical advice from a professional before taking medical cannabis.

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