Blue Monday Depression – How CBD May Help

Can CBD help with blue Monday depression

The Monday blues, similar to the holiday blues can be combatted with the use of CBD. Image Credit: By mayu85 on Shutterstock

Scientific studies are showing that mood disorders such as depression can become more intense after the stress of the holiday season. NHS psychiatric doctors prepare for an increased rate of admission at the beginning of the new year do to a phenomenon known as Blue Monday. What exactly is Blue Monday? Can Cannabidiol (CBD) oils help provide a non psychoactive treatment?

Cardiff University has shown research that indicates all demographics see moods worsen after the holidays.. Specifically it has been seen that alcohol related injuries and fatalities see a noticeable increase after the holiday season. According to Dr. Cliff Arnold overall admission and treatment patterns at psychiatric hospitals see a lower rate of intakes up to and including the holiday season. Blue Monday is the name given to the most depressing day of the year. This day is typically the 3rd Monday of the new year. Findings published in 2005 by holiday company Sky Travel, claiming to use a calculation based on Dr. Cliff Arnold research at Cardiff university.

According to numerous clinical studies there is a noticeable pattern that the holiday season results in worsening trends. Hospitals constantly experience increased admissions following the holidays for things such as depression and alcohol related incidents. With little evidence showing a connection between individuals whom are normally healthy and ones with pre-existing mental health issues.

Also, it has been shown that hospitals see a decrease during the actual holiday in the use of psychiatric emergency services. It has been observed that self harm and suicide attempts typically decrease up to the holiday and then sharply increase following this time. An event known as “rebound phenomena” shows a clear connection between these periods.

These findings appear to be in line with a review by Friedberg, who has reported that there is no general psychopathology during the holiday season, but instead an increase in dysphoric moods,

The results appear to show that the holiday season affords the population a general experience of protection in regards to many types of psychopathology. Although there is an exception found in mood disorders, alcohol-related overdose, injuries, and fatalities. You may ask what can be done to avoid Blue Monday depression? General practitioners believe that exercise and learning about the symptoms of depression can be some ways to help. “Yes, we do see lots of people with depression and anxiety in the winter months. The message is it’s not a terrible disorder, people do get better,” according to Dr Alan Cohen, Royal College of General Practitioners spokesman

It has long been known that CBD will help manage mood disorders. Products such as Charlotte’s Web, which contain a high concentration of CBD oils and low levels of THC, are currently available in many states. These can be especially helpful when dealing with Blue Monday.

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