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Suffering No More from Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Syndrome

By: teamhealthcareclinic

Noah Urich has been at Team Healthcare Clinic, as he calls Team Care, for about two months. He is there for treatment for his post-concussion syndrome (PCS). He had a concussion in October of the previous year.

Because of his concussion, Noah suffered headaches, cloudy thinking, and dizziness. He didn’t feel like himself. He experienced an emotional rollercoaster, and soon he noticed his grades were suffering. His neurologist prescribed medications, but even at the maximum dose he was still suffering symptoms. After three months of being on the maximum dose, he still was not seeing results.

Natural Solutions for Hard to Treat Patients

His dad had gone to Team Healthcare in the past, for his neck. A family friend also knew someone with similar symptoms that was treated by the clinic. In hopes of finding a treatment that provided relief. he started on a regiment of oxygen therapy and interactive metronome.

Interactive metronome is a tool that measures and improves the timing or synchronization of neural activity within primary brain networks. These networks influence cognitive, communicative, sensory, and motor performance.

Oxygen therapy is also known as supplemental oxygen. It involves the use of oxygen for medical treatment of a variety of conditions, from carbon monoxide poisoning, to low blood oxygen, to cluster headaches. Hyperbaric (involving gas at a higher pressure than normal) oxygen therapy is effective in treating acute and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). PCS symptoms are found in 25% of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients.

Within a month, Noah was able to stop the other medications completely. He was able to start playing sports again. He is no longer experiencing headaches and is feeling himself again.

Novel natural treatments might become more common practice when treating patients unaided by conventional solutions. Medical marijuana and cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive chemical from the cannabis plant, have been used recently to treat concussions.

Though both of these novel treatments require further research, natural solutions have seemed to help fill the gap of “difficult to treat” patients. Natural solutions are less toxic on the body, and perhaps one day they will be a first, rather than a last, solution.

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