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Patient Interview – Treating Concussions with CBD

Concussions and CBD - victim of a concussion

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In this video, Taz who is a victim of suffering from a concussion is interviewed by Danielle. Taz explains that she was in a car crash a few years ago, where she suffered a whiplash concussion due to the accident, but Taz wasn’t aware that she had it. After being sent to A&E, doctors sent her home because they found nothing wrong with her. A week later, Taz was feeling anxious and overwhelmed and felt a lot of eye strain. She blamed these symptoms on the neck injury that she suffered in the accident.

After a while, she suffered from insomnia and became extremely depressed. Taz was exhausted and suicidal She had gone to different doctors for a diagnosis but nobody was able to figure out what was wrong with her. Taz was given Zoloft, painkillers for her chronic pain, and sleeping pills for her insomnia.

Taz quit her job and got a new one sometime later, it was at this point that she noticed that she couldn’t read. She was suffering from migraines that were lasting up to three weeks. Eventually, Taz had ended up in the hospital where she was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. The medication that Taz was described only “masked” her problem. She was still unable to read and write, she was still sitting at home depressed, so Taz set out to find an alternative, which was when she came across an article about CBD oil, she thought that it was worth taking. After she started to take CBD oil.

Taz explains:

my brain went from being grainy to being smooth, there was a change within the first day. I have a quality of life to speak of now.

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