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Cannabis for Treatment (CBD) & Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Cannabis Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Dr. Alan Frankel hosts this video regarding the use of cannabis and the prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injury today. If you were a member of the Israeli military and sustained a head injury, you would receive cannabidiol or CBD in the field. The reason for this is that there’s substantial evidence that CBD will prevent the damage to your brain if you sustained an injury.

CBD or Cannabidiol Might Hep Other Aliments too

There’s also by the way similar evidence that if you receive CBD for a heart attack or a stroke that you will sustain decrease damage there are many patents on this the US federal patent as I’ve mentioned before and CBD is now being studied in many clinical trials for traumatic brain injury. His perspective is we don’t know when we’re gonna have a brain injury or when we’re gonna have a stroke or when we’re gonna have a heart attack small amounts of CBD as a nutritional supplement on a daily basis or a reasonable thing to do.

“I had a patient recently about a 45-year-old woman mother of two married in a very very traumatic car accident and she had memory losses she was getting treated for a memory losses and having memory testing at UCLA and she really was not making any progress and she as well as a handful of other patients that I’ve been treating are having the return of their memory. Within the first four to six weeks, I would seriously consider CBD for treating traumatic brain injury and he would certainly consider taking it preventively”.

While this is all said, it’s important to note that cannabis for treatment or as a potential medicine is still in its early stages. If you wish to use it, seek medical advice before doing so.

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