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Cannabis and Concussion with Larry DePalma

Larry DePalma on Cannabis and Concussions

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By: Rick Thompson

Within the video we have provided above, interviewer Rick Thompson interviews retired NHL player, Larry DePalma. They discuss DePalma’s 11 year hockey career and the after-effects of having numerous concussions and brain injuries. DePalma is now an advocate for the use of medicinal cannabis to help with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) after his own research and how it successfully helped him. He has now conducted numerous studies on different Cannabinoids oils.

How Cannabis Saved DePalma

DePalma has been diagnosed with TBI and CTE. He was prescribed with many different pharmaceutical drugs that he explains did not help with his mental health and attempted suicide three times. Along with this, he was was addicted to alcohol and other substances, and got into trouble with the law. Being unable to control anger is symptomatic with TBI.

Once medicinal cannabis became available, DePalma tried it to see if it would have a positive outcome and help him with the struggles he was facing on a daily basis. It managed to relieve his pain, depression and gout at the same time. He can also control his rage and irritability, both of which are extremely difficult to manage once you are diagnosed with a long time brain injury. After this, he was able to function at a normal pace and did not feel as depressed as he was feeling previously. His work shows that introducing CBD to someone who experienced a TBI can reduce the infarct volume, which is the area actually experiencing damage.

CBD has been shown to greatly improve the recovery time of mice who experience TBI. The body has a naturally occuring cannabinoid system which has many functions. One such function is to help the brain heal from damage. The mechanism known as the blood brain barrier is also heavily affected during TBI. By using dye’s, we are able to show a major improvement in brains that are given CBD after trauma.

Since the use of medicinal cannabis is not so easily accessible, it can be difficult and expensive to run studies that provide concrete evidence of using it for self medication. If you are considering taking any cannabis related products to help with a brain issue or anything else, please do consult this with your doctor before doing so.

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