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Can Marijuana Help Football Related Head Trauma?

Marijuana Helps Head Trauma

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Head trauma related to football players is a current issue that is being examined intensively. There are movements that are being formed with the aim of helping to alleviate the pain for football players with the use of CBD. Currently, the only way to fully examine a football players brain for serious trauma, is when the person is deceased. Chronic traumatic encephalopaty (CTE), the title given to this type of brain damage, can happen in any person that may have a history of repetitive head trauma such as; boxers, MMA fighters, football players and even military veterans.

This disease is progressive and as stated above is found mostly in athletes that experience heavy brain trauma. Such athletes can start to experience symptoms after only a matter or months. Some of the unwanted side effects that can be noticed are; memory loss, aggression, impaired judgement, depression, difficulty controlling impulses and the signs and symptoms of dementia. Having CTE is a very serious situation and has affected many high-profile athletes. Sadly, in some extreme cases, living with CTE has resulted in suicide.

Using CBD Oil to Ease Pain for Athletes

Fortunately, it is said that using CBD oil could have a positive affect on people with CTE brain trauma. There are neuro protective properties found within our cannabinoid system which is significant. Therefore, cannabis could be able to aid in preserving brain matter after a brain trauma.

Some NFL players are currently taking CBD oil to help with pain and inflammations. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory components, this can help with the swelling of the brain during or after a game.

However, it is advised to look after your health and in particular your brain. If you play a sport that includes many blows to the head, make sure to take care and wear head protection. It is also worth considering the possible side affects that the sport may have in the long term. You should always discuss the treatment of using CBD with your doctor.

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