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American Gov Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuanna kills cancer Admits the American Government

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Amy Willis, a Journalist for Metro discusses the change in political stance by the Government of the United States on whether cannabis can kill cancer cells or not. The US government now state that cannabinoids might be able to help with treating the effects felt from cancer as well as the side effects experienced from modern cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. They suggest that using cannabis treatments and cannabis-based products such as joints/cigarettes, baked goods, soft drinks, herbal teas, sprays, and oils could provide these benefits.

A List of The Potential Benefits Medical Cannabis May Have to Offer

Anti-inflammatory propertiesAntiviral properties
Anti-anxiety propertiesPain reducer
Reduced muscle spasmsStress relief

There are also scientific findings based on lab experiments which show cannabis’ ability in killing off cancer cells. Other studies are suggesting similar findings and provided more support in relation to the medical benefits of cannabis. These changes show an apparent shift and understanding by the American government on the more extensive potential medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

Experts who are currently looking at a chemical compound from the cannabis plant called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) believe that it is the reason cannabis could be used as a cancer preventative and a treatment. Experts have said that THC is killing off cancer cells by making the cells commit suicide while also keeping other cells healthy, if not healthier, unlike chemotherapy and radiation. In American, the conspiracy on cannabis’ ability to fight cancer is officially no longer a conspiracy.

The Cannabis Movement in America

Around the world, cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 substance and is therefore prohibited on a federal level. However, in America, many states are looking into the benefits of cannabis and are slowly making steps into legalizing the medicinal plant.

List of The States Where Cannabis is Legal of Medical Purposes
MontannaNorth Dakota
New JerseyNew Mexico
New HampshireNevada
PennsylvaniaPuerto Rico
Rhode IslandWashinton

Cannabis is a potent and beneficial herb with limited minor side effects, however, until further studies are carried out it will remain a controlled substance in certain forms (THC treatments) and certain US states. However, with these changes, it appears that the future for cannabis in America is bright, which will be significantly welcomed by those who need it to help with their various major and minor medical conditions.

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