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Professor Manuel Guzman on Cannabis Research

Professor Manuel Guzman on Cannabis Research

Video credit: Cannabis Saves Lives!

Manuel Guzmán was born in Madrid (1963) he received and PhD in Biology from Madrid Complutense University in 1990. He is a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Madrid Complutense University. His PhD research as a focuses on the study of the regulation of liver and brain lipid metabolism and the medical applications for cannabis in curing cancer and other ailments and he also coordinates the Cannabinoid Signaling Group.

During the last 12 years Guzman has been involved in the study of how the active components of cannabis (the cannabinoids) act in the body, with especial emphasis on the molecular mechanisms of that action and on understanding how cannabinoids control cell generation and death. This work has allowed characterizing new effects and signalling pathways evoked by cannabinoids, as well as putting forward new physiological implications derived from them.

In this video, Manuel Guzmán described the study and research that is taking place in his lab in order to use cannabinoids as a cure for cancer.

Cannabinoids, the active components of cannabis show benefits and effects in cancer patients by preventing vomiting, pain, and nausea. These compounds also inhibit the growth of tumour cells

Manuel Guzmán asks the question:

“Can cannabinoids cure cancer? or can cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth? Well, it depends on what type of tumor. So far there is no therapy that is effective for all types of cancer. There are some therapies that were relatively fine in precise types of cancer. One of the first questions is, and whether of course cannabinoids can be promising in treating cancer. I would add which types of cancer we first have to try to define which types of cancer are really prone to be treated with cannabinoids”.

All in all, cannabis as a potential drug s looking promising. However, due to the lack of study and knowledge on its side effects, the drug needs a significant amount of further research.

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